19 January 2009

Obama the Chama

It's about that time: the 20th of January that occurs in D.C. quadrennially. Indeed, our Federal Republic exercises its powerful and long-standing tradition of transition of governance, demonstrating to the world what true freedom and an effective democracy looks like.

As I have taught my sons over these last two years during the longest (and costliest) presidential campaign in US history, whoever grasps the antique Bible on this date will be the most powerful person on earth, and should therefore be a person of high character, Lord willing. Such a person should not be a radical of either end of the spectrum. I hope and trust that President (no longer elect) Barack Obama will indeed fit the bill, and my family will be offering prayers for his successful presidency and for America to be blessed under his leadership.

History will also show that Obama ran one of the smoothest and best managed campaigns. Terry Neal (from the Washington Post), used to tell me that George Bush's (he used to always say "dub-ya") camp drove him crazy with boredom because 'W' always stayed on message. He needed to because he wasn't the most eloquent of speakers. Likewise, for anyone who has heard President Obama extemporize, they know as well that Obama is certainly no Ronald Reagan either. When off prompter, you will hear more "umm's" and "uh's" than from any other president. He may usually be eloquent (or 'articulate' as Biden used to say), but these speech-fillers make one sound very, umm, uhhh, un-presidential to be sure.

More than anything, I believe that this new president ran the most charmed campaign as well. I mean, he nailed the trifecta of trifectas: horrible economy (always bad for an incumbent party); unpopular war (made more unpopular by an accomplice media); and a political opponent that was the weakest in modern history. Obama the chama.

But, before I get accused of being a political curmudgeon, throwing a wet blanket on the hype and hysteria happening right now in DC for our new president, let me offer a unique perspective for my family. My boys (11 and 8 yrs-old) are of the same racial make-up as the president with white and black parentage. My boys have never shied away from questions about their race, and they LOVE their mom and dad's families and appreciate their respective heritage. For them to see a person of color with mixed racial ancestry taking the Office of the President of the United States of America, is indeed a proud moment for them and I hope for us all.

Dr. King predicted that in 40 years we would have a black president. To honor his hopes and I Have a Dream speech, Click here to see it here from the BBC.

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andy wasif said...

Dr. King was technically wrong. It took just OVER 40 years for his dream to come true. Sorry, but close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades.