20 April 2009

Comity, Civility and the Au Courant Liberal Line

During the recent Ms. USA Contest, Ms. California (real name, Carrie Prejean) was asked by that paragon of virtue, Perez Hilton (real name, Mr. Mario Lavandeira, which ironically means “he who is squeaky clean, though confused”), what she thought of Vermont’s legalizing same-sex marriage. Her brave answer resulted in a minor brouhaha that only one familiar with the politically correct world of the left could have predicted. In the world of the left (aka, judgmental thought police), to speak one’s opinion honestly is to invite at least ridicule and typically slander. Anyone with differing opinions -- from the left’s au courant party line -- that stick their neck out, are quickly hammered down like a wayward nail and sent to cultural re-education camps (which means to be reported and commented upon by the mainstream media as an example for other rebels who might consider straying).

The problem for my liberal friends is that there are many who share Ms. Prejean’s opinion. I do. Others do. History and its iconic figures also do (viz., Moses, Confucius, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Jesus, et. al). In fact, a majority of Americans believe that marriage should be between one man and one woman. (Did I just write that!? The horror!!) Am I now some white, racist, homophobe? Have I unequivocally proved I belong to some ugly, misanthropic cult seeking to suppress the rights of our fellow Americans? I guess that answer is up to you, dear reader. However, let me say this: it is time for the left to stop calling those who differ with them a Nazi, racist, miscreant, right-wing Neanderthal, or fill-in-the-blank (or "dumb b*tch" as Mario/Perez would later call Ms. Prejean). It is just wrong. Many Americans, like yours truly, have friends who are gay, have been married to those of another race, who routinely reach out to improve our communities with neighbors and friends of differing faiths. However, for these so-called educated and enlightened eastern elitist sophisticates, they purposely continue to narrowly classify dissenters as hate-filled, and laugh ever so smarmily down their noses at us poor hayseeds.

Even though many conservatives (yes, even religious conservatives) strive for comity over conflict and confrontation, we are shouted down. If we do not say something or take a stand in some form now, we deserve the current election results, judicial decisions, and cultural slide.

I believe that my gay friends know that I want them (and their partners) to be as happy as any straight couple. And, if California someday chooses to legalize same-sex marriage, then so be it. I have been to their (very large, well planned) swanky parties. I routinely have lunch with several gay friends, play sports, and yes even cocktails. I don’t chose my friends on whether they agree with me politically; if they are good people, and funny and erudite and dress impeccably well (joking), then I welcome their friendship and hope they reciprocate. My gay friends know that I'm not one to call those I disagree with politically names; I trust that one day their liberal friends will return the favor.

I know, I know. You have a bridge to sell me in Brooklyn, right?

Btw, check out what the Brits have to say about this in the Daily Mail. Read the article and then read the comments; they seem to be overwhelmingly in favor of free speech.


Caro said...

Well as long as some of your best friends are gay and you read the Daily Mail - obviously all's right with the world.

JGregg said...

Not at all. Just saying that there's another side to consider. The media presentation of this topic doesn't seem to think so. Thanks for your comments!