15 April 2009

A Moment's Rest

FatScribe is pleased to post the following by Kayla Gautereaux-Trees.

A Moment's Rest

A perfect life is fiction,
As faultless life’s not whole,
Thus, sorrow always finds me,
And aims to ail my soul.

But that is not the purpose,
That sorrow brings to me,
My mourning gives me knowledge,
My eyes fear not to see.

And forging on through heartache,
Always makes me seek,
To find my strength in sadness,
To love that I’m not weak.

Real failure bears no precept,
Through life’s and lovers’ scorn,
And proves it thus a vision,
To dwell far from forlorn.

This psalm was ne’er taught to me.
I learned it more than less,
From rampant hours of torment,
That left me in distress.

In times without a mother,
And permanent goodbyes,
T’was then my heart knew mourning,
Sending seas from my eyes.

But oceans led to dry lands,
Of trust and love, but grief,
The proverb learned though living,
Let never sorrow be a thief.

The woe has bowed to concord,
Some peace to write this verse,
To tell that strength from sorrow,
Is the beauty in the curse.

For FatScribe, Kayla Gautereaux-Trees

(Kayla is a sophomore at California State University, San Diego)

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Anonymous said...

A Moment's Rest is especially appropriate for Tax Day!