23 April 2009

Obey the Obama

Shepard Fairey created probably the most recognizable U.S. street art with his "Obey the Giant" series. He has come under some scrutiny for his oeuvre's liberally borrowing (and profiting) from the intellectual property of others. The NY Times runs an interesting article about Fairey's iconic image from 2008's election based upon an AP photo. It's a good read.

How soon before we have his "Obey the Obama" series plastered all over town at every fwy on-ramp, construction site, and/or bus stop? Say it with me, "Obey the Obama ... Obey the Obama."


lbwDESIGN said...

your writings are brilliant. btw, very scary that people are giving in to 'obeying'...beautiful graphic on Fairey's part...but a bit fascist. hope we don't go there.

JGregg said...

Thanks for the very nice comment. Agreed that it's got that fascist vibe, but he's an excellent/evocative designer. I really like banksy (out of London), though, for my money!

Tina said...

Such an interesting story on Fairey. I met him recently at a Feeding America event. He designed a poster for the group's effort to shore up the nation's food banks. The poster featured a little girl eating soup. She turned out to be Shepard's daughter. Pretty safe bet she won't sue for copyright violation -- at least until she's older...

anyway, i love your blog!



JGregg said...

Tina -- Now if I can just start 2 more blogs I'll be up to you! (and write full-time for a living!) ... jealous ;)