01 April 2009

With a President of "Firsts," the Individual is Last

President Obama wrote a book called "The Audacity of Hope." I like the title; nice hook. Evocative, effective. Obama then campaigned extensively around "Change" and "Hope." A step back in my opinion, albeit effective campaigning. Rhetoric-wise, as vapid as any campaign sloganing to come through a whistle stop near you. But, then again, all rhetoric is fairly innocuous and empty as the balloons on the ballroom floor the morning after election night. The last solid campaign sloganing was the Reagan-era "It's morning again in America ..." I still get a warm feeling, kind of like Chris Mathews gets a charge of energy down his leg over BHO. (Okay, okay, I'll admit that "It's the Economy Stupid" was pretty good, too.)
"What we got, instead, is a president not of change, but of radical change. A president of firsts."
Most Americans took at face value what Obama and the Dems meant by change, i.e., "we'd like a departure from the former administration, please." Or "out with the bums!" type of change. I get that. You get that. What we got, instead, is a president not of change, but of radical change. Obama is set to bestride the globe, impacting domestic policy and foreign statecraft as a president of firsts.

It started innocuously enough with Obama being the first US president of color. Good for us all, in my opinion (see Obama the Chama). To be a president of radical government-centric "firsts" is an alarming thing, however, and the citizenry (especially those who worry about things as mundane as liberty and freedom) should be concerned. We are not yet 100 days into this administration, and already we have more radical and substantive changes than the Roosevelt administration had in its first term.
  • First: Obama is now the titular Chairman of General Motors, dictating management changes in absentia (nay, Government Motors).

  • First: The Obama administration is looking to arrogate private sectors until itself, viz., (evil) banking, (slothful) insurance, and (environmentally wasteful) automotive

  • First: Obama has initiated the largest spending program in US history, with another Trillion-dollar shoe of "incentives" to drop with a sickening and crippling economic thud. (Short-sellers are licking their chops!)

  • First: Obama convened global discussions to effect monetary policy changes within our sovereign US border: with individual foreign states as well as the G20.

  • First: Obama's first interview as president was not with sycophant Chris Matthews, or Dame Barbara Walters, or even the NY Times. It was with Al-Arabiya TV. If you think this was serendipitous, I have one word for you: not.
The times they are a changin', and BHO's fairly radical worldview is behind all of them. His administration is riding atop a perfect storm: radical agenda, with an accomplice Congress, and a Fourth Estate media with tingling sensations running down its collective leg.

Perhaps his biggest impact on the country culturally speaking is soon to come. He will possibly appoint 2 or 3 justices to the Supreme Court. Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg (health) and John Paul Stevens (age) are both likely candidates to retire early in this administration. Although he will be replacing liberal justice with liberal justice, he will be extending the "living, breathing" jurisprudence of the left for another generation, in effect keeping the culture on its pro-secular, anti-religion, anti-property rights tract. But, these appointments are perks of the job, and it's why public policy folks work tirelessly in backwater voting districts and fly-over states.

Being president matters, especially with one who is hell-bent on making his administration first on the list of big firsts. The more government arrogates (our) power unto itself, the less we the individual can withstand that encroachment into our lives. If this administration governs as if the individual shall be last, then this President of Firsts will most likely not have a second term. Until then, this could get ugly.

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