23 May 2009

Little Dragon, Huge Heart

I have had a music crush on Yukimi Nagano for a couple of years now. She is the lead singer of Little Dragon (she has also done some vocal work for Koop that you'll recall from their 60's poppy "Come to Me"). Little Dragon is a band about as cool as they come. They combine a trip-hop vibe with a strong jazz sensability, and they are as earnest as any new band to come along in a long time. Btw, they are from Gothenburg, Sweden, which just shows how strong electronica has become in terms of its global reach and influence.

There are 4 in their group (Erik, Frederik, Hakan and Yukimi), and when they were in the O.C. about six month's ago (behind the "orange curtain" as we up here in L.A. sometimes refer to that netherland betwixt San Diego and Los Angeles) for a performance at the Detroit Bar. My attorney bud Gary and I got to the show early to watch their sound check. No security. No other fans. Just two hottie bartenders, one sound mixer, and Little Dragon. (oh, and two old guys glad to be out of the house.) I used to live in Costa Mesa right down the street from the Detroit Bar, so it was one of those "full circle" moments in life.

Such a huge surprise to get to speak with the band (and buy a couple of them drinks), and just let them know how apprecaited their album is here in L.A. Yukimi told me that her dad did the graphic design on some of their t-shirts (and I think the album art); they were just about to head to the East Coast to finish their US tour, but I told her that the SoCal love would not be matched, and from what I hear, we're still a band fave!

Local alt-station KCRW (89.9) has provided them with great radio play over the last 18 months or so. Both Garth Trinidad and Jason Bently (as well as other DJs) have just pimped for Little Dragon relentlessly and it worked on me as I am a big fan who has turned several others (about a dozen) on to them as well. And, now I am sharing my current fave band with you, dear reader.

So, if you happen to live in Southern California, Little Dragon is performing at The Glass House in beautiful downtown Pomona off the 60 fwy. this Memorial Day. They just played Detroit Bar again in Costa Mesa (Yukimi's mom and grandmother both live in Costa Mesa, though she and the band and her dad and sisters live in Sweden), but I'm going to see them at The Glass House to check out that venue. Come on down!



Tina Tarnoff said...

Yay! Little Dragon! I simply adore Yukimi. You should check out her collaboration with Hird, another band from Gothenburg.

JGregg said...

That's right; I think I knew that from hearing them on Metropolis back in the day! Yukimi is adorable to be sure. Thx for sharing about Hird!

John g.