08 May 2009

Mother's Day Poem

FatScribe is pleased to post the following guest piece by Caleb Garcia.

She wears the hats she needs, no hat left unworn,

As if she wore them all along, they rest weary and torn.

 Always what I need her to be: mother, hero, friend,

Roles that keep a role-player rolling ‘round ‘til the end.


With the heart of a giant, she floats through the day,

Grace in every action and the warmth of sunny May.

She creates with her hands and she loves with her smile,

A confident, sure, identity, that never leaves for a while.


She knows what she wants, and boldly pursues,

The poster child of courage, to live and dream the hues.

Thank you for always believing, it means the world to me,

Destiny sealed by a respectable character is what I always see.


Her giving unending, her thoughts on others dwell,

Lost without her, I would be, a man drowning, one who fell.

 In this life, there’s strong and then there’s Mom strong,

Happy Mother’s Day and thank you for my song.


For FatScribe, Caleb Garcia

(Caleb Garcia is a Junior at the University of California, Irvine)

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Anonymous said...

Mum's day is well deserved.