25 May 2009

Rockin' the Bow Tie ... (Wait, how did I tie this thing?!)

Rocking the bow tie. Not an easy feat to pull off (or put on) if you don't have the insouciance and/or skill-set required for such sartorial acrobatics. Wearing a bow tie doesn't necessarily equate to looking like the magnate of the popped corn, Sir Orville Redenbacher (God rest his bow tie). Fashion is all about confidence and trying new things and understanding that rules are made to be broken or at least ignored with aplomb.

First things first: You have to know how to tie the ole bow. Don't be intimidated; it is easy to tie a bow tie. So, like a 4-yr-old on Acre St. (in the San Fernando Valley) learning how to tie his shoes under the mentorship of his neighbor Tina and big sis Steph, it takes practice, practice, practice. So too with the bow tie. There are some very good books and magazine articles to get the basics down. But, today, it's as easy as a YouTube click to discover the online tricks of the bespoke trade to rock your bow tie like Kanye, an architect or law firm partner, or Andre3000.

You don't want to be caught out and about at a friend's wedding or work when your bow tie becomes unraveled and then, ugh!, panic. How do I tie this thing again?! Not good to have your favorite gal (or worse, dad) messing about with your cravat in public. Get the basics down so that you can tie it with your eyes closed, and then yes, you are ready, grasshopper, to snatch this bow tie from my palm.
Next, you want to be confident in your ability to pair the bow tie with your wardrobe. My favorite suits look completely different when I sport a bow tie with them, and the appropriate shoes, of course. I used to wear a bow tie episodically (as Ken Starr is wont to say) at the firm I worked for over in Westwood.

Pretty soon, others were wearing them as well once a week or so.  Not that I'm a trendsetter by any stretch; these guys just figured, if this wannabe can do it, so can I! (Btw, the pic left is me with my friend Kristine who married a great guy, Chris, in Malibu last week.) Oh, one more thing, when does one untie the bow tie? Some say never, but remember what I said about the "rules" ... I say that when the evening is winding down, and certain groups or individuals are pairing off, and cigars are being lit, and the Louis XIII cognac is being poured, you can certainly relax the Gordian knot and give the ole waddle a breather, Mr. size 17 collar.

Finally, once you make the decision that a bow tied life is indeed for you, you will find yourself opening up (and your wardrobe and especially your wallet) to other

fashion sensibilities. One cravat caveat: Please don't become the fashion victim like some (fill in the blank here with your favorite celeb) mistakenly do, rather own your fashion sense with critical choices, fun, and above all confidence. You are the man (or wo-man), and yes, you can rock a bow tie without looking the fool, you stud, you.

To see "how to tie a bow tie," click here to visit GQ on YouTube.


Kirti said...

Hmm, I like your fashion post for men...
It takes confidence to pull off the bowtie...good advice!

Jack Daniel said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog. You´ve got an interesting blog yourself! :)

Tina Tarnoff said...

I always wandered how on earth does one tie a bowtie - thanks for showing!

JGregg said...

Thanks, Kirti! I like to do my small part for men's fashion (ha!). ;)

Jack, your site is too cool!

and, Tina, let's do a cut-out card of a cool cat i a bow tie for father's day!!

Thanks, guys, for stopping by!!

John g.

Kirti said...

Hope you don't mind...I dropped your name in my fashion post this week so the men could read something!

lisa golightly said...

Great post ... but even better to see you back !!! High five and wonderful weekend wishes to you my debonair friend !