30 June 2009

My Favorite Liberal Feminist Intellectual

For anyone who has stopped by FatScribe over these past 4 months since this little attempt at pith and pathos willled itself, ex nihilo, into existence, it probably comes as little surprise that my worldview is a fairly conservative one. I try not to wear my conservatism on my outlet-shopped Armani (Collezzioni) sleeve. In fact, I like to say that I am a "classical liberal" with an urbane affectation.

I am curious by nature (though not bi-curious), and love to read ... everything ... especially what others, much smarter than I, have to say on politics, culture, art, theology or history. That's true for any bibliophile worth their salt, really, and if you're like me, it's not just books that grab us by the throat (and wallet); our favorite blogs and Internet websites regularly occupy our mornings as well. One of my most favorite columnists (I like her so much, I'm willing to talk and write like a 3rd grader!) just happens to be on the opposite side of the political and social spectrum, viz., one Camille Paglia from Salon.com.

Camille Paglia is a liberal lesbian feminist I find engaging because not only is she intellectually honest (unlike like, say, Arianna Huffington), she has a way of putting some very smart people in their place with her logic and (sometimes) curt and terse pronouncements. This is a woman who came out in the late 60's or early 70's as a lesbian at a then-fairly reserved Yale (before it became an awkward right of passage at so many institutions of higher learning). She loves conservative talk radio because she finds the entertainment value in listening to folks like Rush Limbaugh, while giving credit to conservatives when appropriate for their vigorous ideas. She thrives and strives to take on her own party/ilk when they are out of control or when they, like a donkey with a bum knee, walk about in circles for hours on end repeating the same liberal mantra or talking points from Rahm Emanuel (she famously called for Bill Clinton to resign during Monica-Gate). That's not to say that she and I are oft on the same page, far from it (if we're not oft, are we noft?). One finds in almost every one of her columns an adherence to respect ideas over party or propaganda, with crisp passages that ring true (see here for a recent posting Re: Obama's speech in Egypt).

I recommend bookmarking her for regular reading of her column over at Salon (she appears on Drudge's referenced links as well). “Iron sharpens iron” says the Bible, and I think one finds in Ms. Paglia a worthy foil for the many conservatives I appreciate (like Charles Krauthammer, Shelby Steele, Mark Steyn, et. al.). She’s a brilliant spokesperson for all of us who enjoy an honest debate, whether liberal or conservative, and I (admittedly) enjoy a little schadenfreude watching her land roundhouse shots to the sides of heads of arrogant, smarmy liberal academics in Ivory towers and policy wonks whom she occasionally excoriates. Plus, intellectually honest and strong women are kinda sexy. I know ... such a misogynist.


Anonymous said...

I have read some of her stuff before. I think she is great. Although I have to admit, Ariana Huffington can not be beat in my book.

In regards to your comment on political celebritas:

This is a prime example of why we want you to blog here. We need a few conservative perspectives.

Although, I do agree with your point, the army should not change their rules for one man, I believe they should change their rules for the benefit of the country.

This is just another example of how the "don't ask, don't tell policy" is going to hurt this nation. When we alienate a portion of the population from serving in the armed services for reasons as silly as sexual orientation, we make the pool from which this nation can draw from in times of great need smaller and smaller.

First gays, then what?

The policy is wrong, and it's stay on the American rule books has long passed.

This is the kind of conversation we need to be having on this site. I would greatly appreciate it if you would seriously consider my offer to blog politically here. I think your conservative intelligence would be a great asset to us.

We are not political pundints, merely commentators musing to the world. We have no agenda but our happiness.

K. said...

I'll definitely have to check her out...sounds like my kinda gal...

K. said...

Hey thanks for the "Fat Blogs" feature...how did you do that by the way? I don't know how to get all the links on one gadget...I've been using the "Picture" gadget, but I can only get one picture/link per gadget...

lbwDESIGN said...

thanks for the feature!!! I am definitely placing you as a feature also. BTW, I tend to have a more conservative view point...actually, more libertarian. As libertarian as I am, somehow I find that I agree with much of Paglia's views. I love that she has a voice!

JGregg said...

Lou - Definitely like the idea of an honest debate (you know, principles over pabulum sort of thing). Thanks for continuing to check out the columns. K and LBW - Love your eclectic (and collective) enthusiasm! Thanks, for the comments as always. Honored that you'll put me in the features section of your blogs! i ... am ... not ... worthy (check's in the mail)