17 July 2009

On Route 66 and the Cyber Hwy.

Jen Zahigian (blog linked here) is a talented photographer whose work has been featured on NBC (and elsewhere) for their New York weekend guide. She was recently in our little corner of the world (a quaint little 'burb called Los Angeles) and dedicated the above postcard to all of us (okay, we had to share 1/3 of it with the city of Miami). Her oeuvre includes roadside images steeped in an aged and worn patina of backwater stops and once-great towns longing for better times.

Jen is on holiday traveling along Route 66, and she's sending in to her blog some of her pics for us to preview. I had a former boss (the GM of my legal research division) who made a cross-country trip on his $50k Ducatti motorcycle (along with his wife who was on her sweet ride, as Napoleon Dynamite would offer). My diminutive boss was the type of guy who controlled every conversation, and the minute the discussion no longer centered on him, he would walk away with nary a word or, more likely, fire a last word parting shot across the bow of whoever occupied the speaker's chair. Good gawd what an interesting guy. Plus, he couldn't stand me if truth be told. And, I genuinely like the man (honest!). I think it was a very New York/very L.A. thing that was the problem.

I must doff my cap in his direction, though (2,800 miles east in NY) because whilst he was on Route 66 he would, from his Blackberry, send these wonderful vignettes of life on the road, filled with descriptive prose and colorful passages where you felt as if you had indeed met these folks he wrote about. Now that I think about it, my GM may have hated my guts b/c I sent around our L.A. office a little JibJab video featuring an elf singing with ole Bob's head (my GM) on this rather jovial elfin visage, replete with green feathered cap. Probably not, though.

So, anyhoo ... take a look at her blog (or her website here) and if you like what you see you can click on the links to purchase these unique nostalgic photos online (and get them framed if you'd like!). And, in honor of her (and my former GM's) trip on Route 66, I offer this following suggestion: watch the movie "Cars" from the guys at Pixar. It is an amazing road-trip film, that slows us down to appreciate life off the beaten track; plus your kids will love it if they haven't seen the movie yet.

Have a great weekend!


Sandy K. said...

I love road-trip commentaries and do them myself when we travel. This gal sure has fabulous vintage-type work. There are so many talented people in the world, all sharing their little corner.

Thanks for sharing...enjoy your weekend.

Jen Zahigian said...

Thanks for the writeup! Just returned from our wonderful roadtrip. Made a quick pass through Los Angeles and waved 'hello...!'

JGregg said...

Sandy -- Can't wait to see how your trip finishes up and where the traveling gnome takes us...

Jen -- Thanks for what you posted on your trip (those amazing photos) and for thinking of us Angelinos when you came through town!

Keep up the great photog work, the both of you! Very inspiring...