24 July 2009

An Open Letter to President Barack Obama (No. 44)

23 July 2009

The Honorable Barack Obama, President of the United States

Dear Mr. President --

I am a politically conservative father of two sons (both of whom have the same racial makeup as yourself), and although I grew up in a suburb near Malibu, I have chosen to live in the inner city here in Los Angeles, California, since graduating from law school and my divorce. I have always believed that race-relations was and is an issue of import for us Americans living in a post-civil rights era, an era replete with great Americans like Martin Luther King, Malcolm X and Bobby Kennedy -- these men who stood for a transcendent ideal and paid the ultimate sacrifice for their beliefs. Indeed, I believed that your election might once and for all obviate the need for my friends on the left to continue their harangue of "a brother can't get a break" some 40 years after passage of the Civil Rights Act.

I waited 100 days before commenting on your administration and its policies (see here, and here) as a sign of respect for you and the office that you hold -- an office that I esteem highly. When you walked out to throw the first-pitch at the 2009 MLB All Star game, it angered and disappointed me to hear anyone booing you at such an event. You and the office deserve respect. However, I believe in respectfully disagreeing, as well, and so I say "pace professore."

While I had high hopes for our first person-of-color American President, I feel it incumbent to now publicly comment that your radical leftist worldview is going to harm, potentially irreparably, our country both now and more importantly for future generations.

First, sir, you are saddling our country with a deficit 400% greater than what has ever been seen before. Your spend and subsequent tax legislation for the bailout was so full of pork that reportedly only 30% of the "porkulous" bill will actually get into the economy to make any fiscal impact. Many of these "shovel-ready" projects are actually graft going to like-minded and fellow-travelers of the left to line their coffers and placate their ilk. Sir, we are a country that is tantamount to a meritocracy. Excellence is rewarded, not community organizing. Hard work is what is required, not skin color, party affiliation, or worldview, to become successful in our amazing country. Tens of millions of people arrive legally on our shores for generations to become productive, tax-paying, proud Americans. They don't need "big gobment" to tell them how to find a job, deposit a check, and mentor the next generation of hard-working citizens.

Secondly, you are attempting to reshape our economy into a socialist utopia which has never existed and more importantly has never succeeded. The road of history is littered with former Soviet-bloc countries that tried and failed what you seemingly are attempting now. China and Russia are only alive because they are a hybrid of despotism hiding behind the curtain of capitalism. Mr. President, you have a phalanx of leftist leadership (viz., Majority Leader Sen. Reid, Speaker Rep. Pelosi) that gives you near bullet-proof majorities in the Senate and House to pass almost any legislation your administration deems important. If your administration passes health-care reform or cap-and-trade (the hidden tax against so-called carbon footprints), you will have succeeded in doing what no foreign or domestic enemies have been able to do: cripple the greatest country in the history of world.

Finally, Mr. President, I reject your worldview (and seemingly of those close to you) that is embarrassed by our country. Rather, I chose to educate my children in a manner that is open about our country's foibles and warts and shortcomings, yet praises our multi-century run atop the nations of the world in protecting human rights, providing quality of life for its citizenry, and preserving our allies' way of life around the world. You traveled around the world criticizing America for its abuses, almost apologizing to radical regimes for America's existence. Sir, when you are abroad, it is my belief that you should yield to no man (or former President) in your pride of Old Glory and all that it represents. I promise sir, when you're traveling around the globe to have your back; I trust you'll have mine by remembering the home team. Unfortunately, your criticism of the Cambridge Police Department and defense of Harvard Professor Gates is but a recent example of your hidden disgust for America writ large.

When you are conducting a press conference, sir, you are by definition wielding your bully pulpit, a powerful tool that not even Harry Potter can access. When standing behind the Seal of the President of the United States, you are speaking on behalf of 300 million of your fellow Americans. Discussing supposed racist conduct and the "stupid" behavior of a local police department has consequences far beyond the East Room you were occupying, sir. The East Room is not the dinner table, Mr. President. You don't throw out there for general news consumption your ideas about race (no doubt colored by your years at university, in academia and community organizing) without all of the facts. And, now that you have the facts, you owe an apology to the officers on scene who arrested Prof. Gates. In fact, the one officer who was black, said you deserved "a mulligan" because we all make mistakes. The problem, Mr. President, is that your conduct belies an ever-present belief that America is a racist institution, capable of the parade of horribles at a moment's notice. You don't need a mulligan, sir. You need a week running a business; you need several ride-alongs with the LAPD or Inglewood police departments; or, even better, you need to read a few books by Hernando de Soto, F.A. Hayek, or Milton Friedman.

With respect,



Sandy K. said...

That's quite a letter, very well written, clear, and non-bashing in tone. I appreciate that a lot. I do think we have a chance to grow our country, with Obama, and I also think he has a lot to learn. He needs stronger advisors to help sharpen his skills as far as speaking to groups without inserting comments which are suited for the "dinner table," as you so abely described it.

Do you send your letters?

One Ticked Chick said...

Well said. For the President to pass judgment on the officer involved in the arrest of Professor Gates, without having the facts at hand is, in Obama's own words, stupid. Also, I resent any president apologizing around the world for me -- it's time to grow up, no country is a utopia and not all of the decisions made by our political leaders are smart ones, but we hope they do the best they can. Socialism isn't going to work here and I believe the majority of Americans will stand against that, just as they standing up against the obscene amount of debt this administration and Congress are racking up.

Dr. Dave said...

Great letter. I understand the need to respect the office, and I do, but unfortunately I cannot respect the man. Too many falsehoods were passed out to voters like Flavor-Aid (yeah, I know, few will get the actual Jonestown reference), and now we're saddled with his insanity.

But I certainly can respect such a well-written letter. I hope you send it to him. I'd be interested to see if he even responds.

Caleb S. Garcia said...

Great letter, little 'attacking' bit I guess that was the point. You sir, have an ability to write on an elevated level beyond most people.

JGregg said...

Sandy -- I appreciate your insight, and hope, like you, that No.44 does grow in his role.

OTC -- I've read your writing, and think you've said it better and more often.

Dr. Dave -- you are like so very many of my conservative friends (and not a few lawyers as well) who are just completely over BHO (and I don't blame you for your distrust and disgust). I have a vested interest in keeping my criticism of our president at a level where I don't lose my credibility with certain established liberal who respect my comity over my usual knee-jerk reaction to bring on the sarcastic comedy.

Caleb -- as always, sir, way too generous!

Anonymous said...

It would really mean a lot to me if you would guest post this on Political Celebritas. I think it would go great there.

In response to your letter I have one simple question: Have you ever lived outside of this country?