18 July 2009

Whip It ... Whip it Good

Diablo Cody completely dumbfounded me with her script for "Juno." Smart, funny, sassy, and if I'm being honest, too clever by half. I mean, all of her characters were quick with a quip? Fast on the follow-up; strategic with their sarcasm? But, I loved it anyway, as I'm sure did most of you, dear readers.

Which brings me to Ellen Page in Whip It (adapted by Austin native Shauna Cross from her novel Derby Girl). If you've seen any interviews with Ms. Page regarding her work in Juno, or any of the work she's done since, you recognize that here's an actor that will be around for as long as she wants. I can honestly predict that one day (and perhaps not in the too distant future), she may call the whole thing quits and head off to grad school to become a doctor, or supreme court justice, or some professor in a dusty classroom in an Ivy League institution practicing the liberal art of historicism. She is that talented, articulate, and if she leaves the acting profession, wise and indeed perspicacious.

Supposedly, Drew Barrymore has directed Ellen in her latest film (opening in October, I think). This looks terrific, sort of like Rushmore the movie meets Suicide Girls the website. In this clip (above), you'll notice that Ellen Page is rockin' a Stryper t-shirt (Christian heavy metal) in one of her scenes, and you'll even recognize Austin native Andrew Wilson (brother to Luke and Owen) which is perhaps why I thought of the Wes Anderson film Rushmore (Wes and Owen met at UT in Austin). If I can get a sneak look at this film, I'll write an early review for FatScribe. Either way, this film is getting my $13.50 (plus, $28.00 for snacks, and $3.00 for parking, and $21 for gas money). Really looking forward to this one. Did you know it's directed by Drew Barrymore?


Dumbwit Tellher ♥ said...

That's for the intro. This movie is my kind of entertainment. Nice girl kicks ass! Was that not 'Eve' that I spied in this movie? So cool that Drew directed too. Cannot wait :D

Natalie said...

This movie looks great - quirky but not trying hard to be so. The clip had me laughing and me likes a bit of the ol' EVE. Why is it so damn difficult to make a good comedy? It's like alchemy. So mad at myself for wasting money on bloody 'Bruno'.
Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Sandy K. said...

I haven't seen Juno, and have heard mixed review. I have become quite a fan of Drew Barrymore...and am now more likely to see the film and find out how she's doing in this career-expanding direction. I don't think she's directed before this? Thanks for the clip. I'm very visual and if I don't see a bit of something, I usually don't go to the show. Not very adventurous at times. It costs too much!

Uncle Beefy said...

My "pithy" 2¢... can't wait, didn't know about it, Ellen Page & Kristen Wiig, awesomeness! And the last bit about "celebrating mediocrity"? Gets me outta bed every morning. Holler!

JGregg said...

Dumbwit -- Nice girls do kick arse; especially smart ones! Yes, Eve is here as well.

Natalie -- thanks again for your post. A good comedy is hard to find, and a bud of mine dragged me to Bruno, which was indeed a waste!

Sandy -- we'll see how Drew does with her next one; sophomore jinxes stink!

Uncle Beefy -- You are now uncle pithy ... thanks for the follow and stopping by!


Uncle Beefy said...

I wondered what that soft, mealy spot was...? Uncle Pithy? Thoundth like I'm lithping thomething elthe. ;)

K. said...

Sounds good...can't wait to see it!

Dr. Dave said...

"Celebrate mediocrity; that's fantastic."

That's quite a fitting refrain for these days. Looks like a funny, interesting movie, J. Thanks for sharing.

(And thanks for visiting my snarky place today.)

Alexandra said...

Haha! Yes, your commentary on Page is spot on, I think. nice work.

JGregg said...

K -- almost as good as your veggie wrap post? not even close!

Dr. Dave -- I like that word, "snarky." might have to borrow that one!

Alexandra -- what time is it on the other side of the world?! thanks so much for the follow!! btw, aspiring writers are the best kind ...