06 February 2010

finger on the button ... thank you.

One year ago today I sent out -- to a few dozen friends -- the first email regarding FatScribe.com. I had published a few placeholder "thoughts" in January, but my first "hey, look at me!" guerrilla style, viral marketing (i.e., emails to friends) began twelve months ago. I was asking if anyone else wanted to publish/post/present some of their writings to the public in general as I was about to do.

Blogging for me was literally only for one reason: to see if I could still write (it had been about 10 years since grad school). FatScribe gave me the venue to have some fun, and to use some of the skills I honed in business consulting and starting LuxeMont.com, to just write and to vent and to gauge how far-gone my love for putting words on a page had atrophied.

FatScribe was and is simply a place to hone some very worn writing skills -- if they ever existed. So, one year later, and I must confess that like many other bloggers, I have frequently considered the nuclear option: flipping the red cap (the one that reads, "Do Not Push Unless You Have Thought This Out Long and Hard") and mashing the red button beneath to delete all articles published herein. I mean, if we're being truthful here, some of this stuff has just been pretty lame and awful and full of me-me-me's. But, if we're still having an Oprah moment, you and I on this white leather couch of FatScribe, some of it was decent, and many of the Dear Readers who came along for the ride with me, were gracious to say so. I even had one or two conversations (actually three or four) with "real" publishers who were interested in my work.

So ... I'm still going to publish an article or two on specific newsworthy events, just to add my two-cents a couple of times each month. But most of my efforts (the ones that take place from 9pm to 1am) will be to actually publish the novella I've been working on for Crookshank as a gift for my boys (pictured above in younger days). I'm polishing it up now, and will keep you posted if something happens with it in 2010!

One year of FatScribe was fun, and time flew, and frankly, it was fun to see almost a hundred countries and over a thousand cities visit the ole porkster. I still don't know why they did. It has been great getting to know the dozens of other bloggers that I've exchanged emails with and encouragement, and even a few disappointments and life-changing, heart-breaking events. You guys are so talented, that it was actually depressing to see how bad my "stuff" was compared to how good yours is. The blogosphere has shown me one thing: there are VERY good writers and creative, talented professionals from all walks of life, and we are ALL better for these efforts. For their sharing their dreams, and avocations, and their bleats about liberal lunacy and conservative creepiness. For the fashionistas showing off their wares and their design inspirations. For the future real estate moguls posting pictorals with page-turning narratives attached. Even the blogs that focus on their kids and trips to the country store never cease to make one smile, or one blog that snaps photos of their feet whether at the beach or at the club or in the shower. If FatScribe has added one bit of value to the overall enjoyment that we all share each morning or late at night when surfing the Net, then I'm glad I invested 365 days toward this project, even if I never posted a single photo of my feet in a shower.

"Pleasant words are a honeycomb,
sweet to the soul and healing to the bones."
-- Proverbs 16:24

God bless y'all. And, remember, if you have something to say or write, and don't, intellectual obesity sets in. Don't be a fatscribe! Writers, write. Now, go write some sweet words, and start your own 365 day me-me-me journey. You never know, you might discover you're as good as the likes of these blogs listed to the right --> Scroll through some of them to be inspired ... ;)



Dumbwit Tellher said...
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Dumbwit Tellher said...

I'm so grateful that you never pushed that big red button. Your writing has inspired me to be better @ blogging. Honestly, when you write, it amazes me & must admit, it often humbles me (I've got a long way to go). I am not surprised to read the news that you've been approached by publishers and I could not be more thrilled for you. For you to think of your sons in regards to taking on this writing project is beatiful. You love writing & and you have such love for your family, it just makes sense. What I've really appreciated about JG is you have a way of connecting with people. You care and you let it show; for that I am grateful.
So, here's to new beginnings & continued anticipation to each new FatScribe post. I raise a toast to you my friend x deb

sorry about the delete, I really dislike typo's!

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Hey There... I certainly hope you don't hit the big mash button.. although I know what you mean.. there have been times I've considered it myself.. I't a love hate relationship this blogging... a daily deal of wondering why the heck we do it!!

I'm guilty of not coming over here as much as I meant to do ... but when I have, I've always been greeted with something of interest , humour and wit! I am neither a writer nor a photographer but I manage to bombard the world with both on a regular basis.. and alway feel like crawling under the table when someone who can actually write [youself] visits me...

Congrats on the 1yr blogging and more importantly on the publishing prospects...and please don't mash the Fatscribe!! x Julie

FatScribe said...

Julie and Deb -- you both are terrificly talented and awesome people. thanks for the encouragement. i promise ... this wasn't a "pity party," merely an acknowledgement of a year of writing, and to let folks know that i'll still be writing, just isolated, hunched over a rickety old desk, with a cold cup of coffee to keep me warm finishing Crookshank at midnight! - Jg. ;)

Caleb S. Garcia said...

JG, I appreciate your humble example of never seeming impressed with yourself but I and the other anti-red-button-pushers will express that you've deserved all the positive feedback you've received (and the once-in-a-blue-moon negative thoughts).

Write as you feel inspired, your faithful readership will be waiting. You gave a new face and sense of class to the blogging world, bravo...your Julie Powell book deal is not far away.

Snarky Basterd said...

Much of this going around, JG. You know my own struggles.

Just don't go away completely, and finish that novella. I'll bet you get yours published before I get the thing that's been in my head for 15 years down on paper or in a Word document or dictated to my slave children.


lisa golightly said...


How I relate to the me fest feeling that blogging, and all other social networking for that matter, can give. You clearly have a way with words that touches and inspires. A gift like yours is no accident ! It would be tragic to not stretch yourself to every height. Looking forward to more of the Scribe !


christian soldier said...

OK-Mr. Encourager-
guess I'll get that little book that's been sitting in the computer for 3 years!!!and self publish!!
And-I found another one- a take off on the Little Red Hen-that is even illustrated-(by me)--that I forgot about!!!!..
Please tell me you are going to post occasionally--OK!!!?!!!

One Ticked Chick said...

JG, your site is a visual and intellectual treat, and a welcome escape from my usual fare. I hope you'll continue to post for purely selfish reasons. You're a gifted writer and I would miss reading your stories and your insights. I wish you the very best of luck with you book but remember, you have fans and friends in the blogosphere who would like to continue to hear from you.

Barbara said...

Let's face it: I am NOT a writer, never was, and have no aspirations to be one. I am a cook. A good cook and also have some lovely old family stories to tell. Luckily, people seem to like to read about them.
Blogging takes a lot of work when you lack writing talent. You work hard to develop a following. I am retired, children are long gone and I have more time than I used to. A perfect time of life for me to be enjoying this.
What continues to amaze me is the number of people like you who have responsibilities, children, jobs, families and still find time to blog.
I'll still be watching your blog now and then to see what you have to say-because I have enjoyed reading the short time I've known about you.
Good luck in all your endeavors!

FatScribe said...

Caleb -- as always, you're way too generous. listen, my young padawan, if i had half of your writing skills at your age, i might be a real writer today getting laid off from some prestigious publication. looking fwd to seeing how God will bless your career ... just as soon as you're done with university. -Jg.

FatScribe said...

Snarky B, er, Dr. Dave -- hey man, still looking forward to watching your blog grow in numbers, whatever iteration it currently finds itself in. thx for the encouragement, brother. -Fats

FatScribe said...

Lisa (Missa!) GoRightry -- thank you for your kind words. Those who are gifted visually will ALWAYS have work to do. your work with a brush is very cool, and i still look fwd to buying a piece someday. Appreciate your visits to the ole porkster! -Jg.

FatScribe said...

Carol (the CS) -- yes, i am an encourager, like Barnabas was to Paul, I now encourage you to FINISH your book. It will be sooo worth it. You should look up NanoWriMo.org to see how you can prepare for the November writers month in 2010. You'll be glad you did, girl. and, yes, i'll post occasionally to keep the ole chops up (and suffer ridicule!). - Jg.

FatScribe said...

OTC -- I have really enjoyed watching your blog grow in stature and followers, etc. Your nice words over this last year has meant a lot ... we're a hearty lot, we few, we bloggers, but a nice "attaboy" every once in a while helps put a little wind in the sail, no? Talk soon! -Jg.

FatScribe said...

Barbara -- your blog is amazing. i have taken two of those recipes to heart (and posted on the fridge). i can't believe the numbers of comments you receive. truly well deserved, and i wish you many, many more years of having fun on the blog!! your taking the time to jot down a few kind words means a lot. thank you. -- Jg.