06 November 2010

Thinly Veiled Update ...

Yes, there is a Santa Claus, Virginia ... and a God above who completely blessed me and my business partner beyond what we deserve this week with news from Congress.

Our company is very focused on signing new clients for our (very) entertainment-related business. As I have mentioned in the past, we have signed the who's who of artists and musicians who have sold hundreds of millions of records -- and no, that's not an exaggeration. Growing up in SoCal, I've never (and I mean EVER) asked for so much as an autograph from any celeb. Several of my childhood friends have had their own shows on television and cable and starred in feature films. Friends of mine are writers (successful) and producers (oh-my-gawd successful!) and actors and even ridiculously hot fitness models. The first actor I can remember meeting was Robert Young (Father Knows Best, Marcus Welby, M.D.) when I was about 5. My little brother had run around a corner (of course, with me in hot pursuit) and ran headlong into Mr. Young. Of course, Chad fell down, and Robert Young, who was no stranger to a wee nip in the morning, helped my brother Chad to his feet. I grabbed Chad's hand to pull him away from this tall, gray-haired gentleman in his bespoke suit, and with Robert Young's words of "slow down young man" hanging in the air, we quickly ran back to where our parents were standing in line with a half-dozen of our siblings for the famous champagne brunch. (I've written in this space about my encounter -- at my house, twice no less -- with Michael Jackson. Surreal to say the least. It's a SoCal thing, not a Jg. FatScribe thing in case anyone thinks I think I'm all that, with a bag of chips.)

Which brings me to my partner: Dude has everybody's autograph. His house and garage and storage facility are loaded floor to ceiling with memorabilia. He is the antithesis of yours truly when it comes to his relationship with those in the entertainment business. And, in some respects, I am jealous of the guy. There he is with Miles Davis. And again with Ice Cube. And, yet again with Pat Boone. He loves the music business. And, if our venture is successful, he'll be a pig in slop for the next 20 years.

But, this week, as we had one business group from India, that owns 26 businesses around the globe with revenues exceeding $1.5B per annum, pass on investing in our firm -- which stung and stunk, thank you very much -- we nonetheless had GREAT news from Congress. They asked the Copyright Office to receive comments about a new law they're considering. So ... the C.O. called us about several of our clients and asked that we enter comments into the record, as well as encourage our clients for their comments. This new law's potential passage could launch our valuation into the multiples of millions if we can get our ducks in a row. It's great to have clients signed-up and excited, but we still need a few planets to align, and a few special interest groups to stop sharpening their claws (they'd love to kill us, or at least put us out of business), and one or two investors to step-up with several million dollars.

And, there you have it. An update from the ether, where I'm perennially finding myself dreaming of fat cats and their wallets and their millions falling into our bank account to hire 42 staff w/in the next six months. Of course, only after we give up 30% of our company.

Good times, Dear Reader. Broke times (our original six-figures of investment from our non-equity investor) is, after 13 months, g-o-n-e. Bootstrapping a new business has never been so fun, er, tough, er tiresome. Ugh. But, still. Thanks, God, for your seemingly miraculous timing.

Keep you posted.


Julia Christie said...

So fun to share this with you as you come across as so very REAL, which is of course the last thing one would expect from a 'SoCal' I believe you called it.

Love to see someone take the leap and really make something big happen, while possibly fitting in a pass at 'sticking it to the man'!

Good on ya!

Smiles JG

Caleb S. Garcia said...

I want to work for you!! Thats great news Johnny G, praise God, a true blessing.

christian soldier said...

love it when people follow their dreams and become successful after doing so!
keep us apprised of your continued progress!
BTW-have you seen RED-the movie?-it's great!!!