31 January 2011

Monday Blog Love

I see you, and I'm givin' you blogger props, kid.

Thanks to Kathy at Princess Anne County for the "Blog With Substance Award."  Hers is a classic design blog that never ceases to give one great ideas and inspiration.  I pass the Conch Shell on to (her and) the following bloggers who are all Rollin' in my book (and, no, we ain't hatin' if we left anyone off the list!).  Some of these folks are must-reads.  Some are folks that deserve much more foot traffic through the URL doorway of their blog!  Others are just the best, most admirable folks who have made my life better by sharing with the blogosphere their truly extraordinary lives.  So, in no particular order, please come forward to receive your "A Blog With Substance" award from yours truly:

FatScribe passes to you the 2011 "A Blog With Substance" award!

Moveable Feasts
You will gain 20 pounds just visiting this website once.  You have been warned about Barbara's gastronomical wiles. 
Moveable Feasts
Bedlam of Beefy
Uncle Beefy is a great site to read each Saturday morning with my cup o' joe  to see what was posted the week previous.  Good design taste to be found here.

Being Ruby
Fine photography from Down Under.  Julie shares her photography and stories with you from around the world that will make you feel ashamed of your own attempts at a blog post.
Julie from "beingRuby"
My Dog-Eared Pages
Barbara knows a thing or two about design, fashion and otherwise.  Her blog is a great respite from the day's doldrums, plus she's good peeps knee-deep in snow 3 mos. of the year!

Dumbwit Telher
Nobody does a photo feature quite like Ms. Deb.  She brings the best in Houston and the national scene onto one convenient site of aspirational design.  Love DT ... she gets mad FatScribe love.  Plus she's moving up and onward to bigger things!  Visit her to find out.

Emm in London
A "blog of note" is how I became acquainted with Emm.  She was visiting New York, and her site blew up with massive traffic from Blogger.com.  Great fun, she's a South African transplant to London, and her blog covers a bit of everything, well.
Emm in London

Someday this world-traveling, erudite young woman will be running a media company.  Mark my words. I've seen her post from California, New Zealand, New York, and places in between.  And now ... from grad school in NY!

Extraordinary poet from the artist's enclave, aka Ojai.

Wit and wisdom, discovered in one succinct locale.  Delish.

Believer, patriot, extraordinary artist.

Lisa is a working artisan and artist who has such a beautiful blog, with the hippest tunes.  I want her paintings and her light fixtures!

Great teacher and fantastic photographer (and traveler) who knows about life.  Sandy K. shares wonderful adventures with her readers and students.

Another expat from OK (USA) now finding herself in London.  She has such terrific stories to share.  And, as an Anglophile, I'm all ears.

Char is a talented writer and photographer, who never ceases to amaze.  I'm so glad I stumbled upon her website last year!
Char at ramblins ...
Terrific writer and interviewer who chronicles his life as a recent UCI grad who is now seeking his next big adventure, perhaps in film criticism or maybe just a humble law school grad?  Only Caleb knows for sure.

Serendipity - A Mother's Tale
Great sketch artist who puts something on the page each week!  How exactly does Julia have the time?  Dunno, but she has the inspiration from her lovely family, which is all that matters.

My French Country Home
Outstanding, ridiculously cool home and blog, rolled into one lovely website.

If I left anyone off of this list, whose work you know I have admired in the past, please forgive the oversight due to my rushing to put this post out.  Click on one or all of these blog-winners and have a nice visit this fine Monday evening.

(NOTE: Btw, I release you recipients from having to pay this award forward.  Just receive it and put it on your blog (or not!) and rest on your laurels for a moment or two, for tomorrow you blog again!


Caleb S. Garcia said...

Thank you FatScribe Press. On behalf of fellow writers and dear readers, I accept this award. :)

Toad said...

I am honored, humbled, and mystified to be amongst such honored company. I'm also grateful. Many thanks.

To the two bloggers not previously locked in my reader I apologize. Now that I know better, I'll do better.

Alexandra said...

To say I were flattered would be an understatement. I was beginning to doubt the legitimacy of my blog (and myself? maybe?), then to be described as 'erudite'...well if that isn't a boost of blogging energy.

Barbara said...

Aren't you just the sweetest man? I accept this award with great humility. Not often do foodies make a list like this. I am honored. (How appropriate it's a shell!)

And let me introduce you to Vanessa. You will like her all the time, but especially her most recent post. http://berlincheesecake.blogspot.com/

Thanks ever so, J.G.!

Julia Christie said...

How fun is this! Thank you so much JG.!
Your blog was one of the first ones I visited when I started blogging nearly a year ago, and every time I visit, I roll up my sleeves (mentally) and prepare to be challenged by insightful, cut to the chase musings and mental proddings...Fatscribe is not for sissys! Surrounded as I am on a daily basis by my lovely little ones, it's refreshing to have such witty and provacative prose to keep my mental cogs from siezing up altogether! (Oh yes I know these years are golden, but I USED to be an intellectual!"-) {There may be some Bill Cosby reference there}

Lovely to hear about you and your boys as well - I'm a huge fan of Winnie the Pooh and can just imagine the three of you cosied up getting lost with Pooh, rabbit, and of course tigger.

Now off to the side your post about Valentines Day has caught my eye- As I am not a fan of Valentine's Day either, I've got to go read it...

Thanks so much again and smiles to you and your boys!

Julia Christie said...

Just read the Valentine's Day post from last year, and you really do say it so well! What a pleasure to read and be reminded of what is truly important (and what is not).


Char said...

thank you hon, i'm am honored and blushing to be included here. and that you used one of my shots ... it's one of my favorites.

i'm glad you found me and in return i found you. :) i continue to look forward to your postings.

My Dog-Eared Pages said...

Jg., I am delighted and honored to be bestowed upon, especially in this company of wonderful bloggers. Thank you for the award and thank you, for your wonderful FatScribe. ; )

Sandy K. said...

Well thank you so much for checking in on me, and noting what I have to share! I will "wear" this honor proudly! (Once I figure out how.)

Dumbwit Tellher said...

I was having a not so extraordinary day; wiped every darn bit of info off my iPhone, and then I discover you have done something so kind as to pass this great award on to myself; and to be amongst all these talented folk. You truly have a way of making someone feel incredibly good and respected. I thank you from the bottom of my heart; for this, and for all your great thoughts, comments and of course that Jg humor. You are truly one of a kind!

christian soldier said...

to be on this list- especially after having visited some of the others-all I can say is -I am honored-and Thank you--
and your encouraging words as to my art -well- thank you again -and - before I get all teary eyed :-) I'll sign off -

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Dear Jg.. I'm a little dumbstruck.. I always think of your blog as not only one of substance .. but of course excellent writing.. humour and a good dose of truth and reality.. for you to pass this award on to me is quite an honour.. and just like Deb.. brought a bright spot into an otherwise horrid day [and week].. So.. I thank you!!! I know DEB and Sharon.. two of the best.. so again honoured to be in such company... but your other awardees are new to me so I must visit them in the near future.. [i'm still in exile at present.. ]

Thanks for your kind words and I'll wear my conch shell with pride ... Have a fabulous week..,.ciao Julie

Julie@beingRUBY said...

apologies for hogging the comments.. ha

Shelley said...

How kind of you, Jg., thank you so much! I'll definitely have to check out your other recipients (that's a lot of what the awards thing is about, right?). I'm not actually in London, btw, but outside of Newcastle, at the coast, but never mind. It's a small country... You are extremely generous in releasing us from the obligation to pay this forward. I received a 'sunshine award' once but never did anything with it because I couldn't figure out how to pass it along. Do I give it to people whose blogs are really boring, but they are nice to me; to people who have fabulous blogs and wouldn't notice yet another award? To one of those fluffy blogs that I'm embarrassed by my devotion to its nonsense? I probably make it too complicated, but you see what I mean...

Anyhow, thanks again. You're a sweetie.

sharon said...

WOW JG! Thank you so much, I'm really totally chuffed that you would think of me for this award, and 100% delighted to be called outstanding and ridiculous. Thank you!
Sorry I'm not getting around that much (not just to you, but to any blogs really) but life seems to have taken over here.
I long for spring, for lightness of life and definitely for a few extra degrees on the thermometer.

Jg. for FatScribe said...

hey all ... seriously, you all totally deserve the respect and web traffic and visits and and followers and comments (and awards!) that you can get. i find you all truly fascinating.

it's interesting, about 3 or 4 mos. after i started the blog, i stopped "networking" like some bloggers do like mad, gathering followers like jake gyllenhal does girfriends. i decided to let it happen organically (any followers), and i do not recommend this approach for those trying to grow their blog. i however, was/am trying to grow my writing abilities, to keep me somewhat in practice.

anyhoo, when i see an article or posting that's interesting, i follow that person (left, right, center politically, gay, straight or otherwise, it matters not). i'm just glad that even 41 fellow bloggers decided to follow me back.

but, enough about me, what do you all think of me? (Zow! Rimshot!)

Uncle Beefy said...

Hey Jg.! Well, timeliness may not be my strong suit this time around but absolutely wanted to pass along a very sincere "THANK YOU!" for having placed me among such nice company.

I appreciate your continuing support of The Bedlam. That's a lotta crazy to put up with. The eye candy is there to help soften the edges. ;)

Conch shell received!