21 March 2011

A quick word from our sponsor ... SXSW and Blogger for 2011

Just a quick word from our sponsor.  Seriously, even though I never put Google ad words on my site, or hyped up the Blogger utes that we all enjoy, I have to say thanks to Blogger and Google for allowing me two years of free hosting and stable blogger service.  Really, truly, very nice of them.

Click the above YouTube clip and see what the hard working folks at Blogger shared at SXSW in Austin recently.  Portends good things for all us bloggers in 2011, I'm sure.

Someday when we're all good and rich and successful from our grand experiment with Blogger, we can meet up in Austin for a grand pow-wow of us like-minded and creative types at SXSW.  First round is on me.  Ciao for now.



Divine Theatre said...

Where in the world have you been? I was about to send out a virtual search party!
Hope all is well...and a Happy Spring to ye'!


Julie@beingRUBY said...

haha.. you are so right!! we are quick to condemn when something goes wrong.. but forget to appreciate this platform..

Just like thanking the electricity guys for keeping the lights on..

Have a great week.. ciao xxx Julie

lisa golightly said...

I think FB and Twitter could learn a thing or 2 from good 'ol Blogger ! Just my little non techie 2 cents !


2nd round is on me !

Emm said...

I'm definitely Team Blogger. I know there are other blogging platforms out there (I've tried them) and I know full well how to self-host (after the time I moved everything back to Blogspot) but I am happy.

Lou said...

I'm a Team Blogger too..... got the pom-poms and everything.

sharon said...

Spoken like gentleman! You're so right, we're really fortunate to have this great toy to play with for free!

Barbara said...

Agreed, JG.
For I am completely without tech creativity and Blogger makes it look otherwise!

Caleb S. Garcia said...

Thanks for the reminder Johnny G. And thanks for contributing to the blogosphere, wordsmith you are.

Dumbwit Tellher said...

Leave it to you to point out to us what otherwise goes under-appreciated. Blogger has been a fabulous tool and allows so many of us to do what we love and for free, that does not come round very often. Bravo Jg for making the obvious clear. I can't wait for that first round in Austin! x Deb