08 May 2011

Marion Cotillard Lady Dior ... and my big fat mouth

Marion Cotillard is one of those actresses that I enjoy in every project she's in.  That's not really saying much considering how talented she is, and how many accolades have been heaped upon her and her CV.  But, still.

In this little clip of her in Dior's campaign for Lady Dior, one gets a glimpse into the brilliant vision that John Galliano had for Dior, and why Bernard Arnault at LVMH paid him handsomely.  Too bad there's a little anti-semite to be found in these talented bastards like Mel Gibson and John Galliano who allow their baser/nastier sides take control of their tongue and spew vile nonsense.  We all have the problem with the tongue.  The apostle James gave the analogy of the diminutive rudder steering and controlling the large ship.  So, too, with our speech.  With it we bless our mothers (Happy Mother's day, y'all!!!) and our God and our brood.  And, with it, we also curse our fellow man.  All of us are guilty of this in some way.

Anyhoo ... back to Marion and those eyes.  I'm not sure what color they are, but they are French, and they are housed in such a lovely punim, and they just kill me.

One thing I enjoy is watching an actor speak their native tongue (again with the tongue, Jg.!).  Ken Watanabe and Marion Cotillard were both in Inception, and hearing them do their interviews for the film in English was nice.  But, to see/hear them speak their native languages of French and Japanese, it seems, to me, that one catches a glimpse into their real personalities.  That their humorous or prankster or sweet sides have more freedom to show themselves to us the viewer.  Do any of you notice that or feel that?  I think I've seen this with Antonio Banderas and Audrey Tautou (and those very kind eyes), and dozens of other actors over the years.

And, speaking of eyes.  I was at "Bean, the Coffee" the other night after dinner with family (we ate next to Frankie Avalon and his lovely bride ... I went to high school with three of his kids), and I stopped to pick up a magazine (for some inspiration) and grab a latte.

It was late, and I was probably the last customer of the night.  The young woman behind the counter was sort of new, but she'd helped me a couple of times before, and she was getting ready to close up shop.  I noticed right away that she had worked her eyes into a dark, smoldering set of peepers.   Now, to be honest, I'm the type of male that "notices" things like that.   You know, when someone at work or a store I frequent, or a neighbor, or someone I date, changes their appearance in some way.  So, my next comment was not meant as some untoward or flirty pickup line.  I just said, hey, "I like the smokey eyes.  They're working."  I threw in a Madonna "Vogue" hand movement across my face to add a little jocularity to the comment.

She sort of chuckled and turned about 3 shades of red.  So, now she was rocking smokey eyes and a lovely natural rouge.  She was so flustered by the compliment, that she prepped my drink (light drip, half-and-half and a  scoop of vanilla powder) and then  forgot to charge me.  When I tried to pay her, she just said, "on the house" and went about her closing duties.  I'm still not sure if she was happy for the compliment or pissed that I said something.  I need to learn that sometimes, just noticing is enough.  I don't need to always open my pie-hole, and sometimes a woman is happy just to have a new stylish hairdo, or some weight-loss, or smokey eyes without some stranger commenting.  Like I said, the tongue can get us all into trouble, whether Mel or Galliano or some FatScribe ordering a little cup o' joe.


Char said...

i think unsolicited compliments like that are a lovely surprise.

My Dog-Eared Pages said...

Jg., I'm sure she was delighted! ; )

Julie@beingRUBY said...

hahaha... this cracks me up... but seriously... I think she probably loved the compliment and it possibly made her week...I once had a compliment from the old rusty barista from my daily coffee haunt.. this guy was the original sicilian.. never spoke a word in the three years I went there.. except to grunt a little.. then one day I changed my lipstick colour.. and he complimented me.. I nearly fell over.. went all shades of rouge... [thereby giving my me a face to match my lipstick colour].. but really... it was nice to receive the compliment.. if rusty old sicilian guy noticed.. perhaps I was doing something right..

The 'vogue' hand movement still has me laughing!! hehe...

Have a great week.. ciao xxx Julie

Lou said...

How lovely you are. I'm imagining hand gestures like the guy in this clip from a British TV Talent Show.


christian soldier said...

Women - despite the feminist movement- always appreciate an honest acknowledgment of their beauty or accomplishments-
Good on you - FS-and she reciprocated with - "no charge"

Thank you- too - for the 'smokey eye' return--will go back to that my self--:-)

Barbara said...

Oh no, JG, compliments like yours are much appreciated. She blushed, my dear, and not in anger. After all, you got a free drink. Her way of thanks.
Only the young and beautiful can go the smoky-eye route. I'd look as though I hadn't slept in a month if I tried it. :)

Anyway, I just can't see you opening your mouth and having something insulting come out. You just wouldn't do it.

preppyplayer said...

Yes, keep the compliments coming! it's nice to be nice.

As for John Galliano or Mel gibson, I dont think they have a problem with their tongue, more that they have a problem with their brain and possibly their soul.
Mel is supposed to be so Catholic... I am Catholic and was taught to love my neighbors, turn the other cheek, etc.
what church did he go to?
sorry for the rant, but I cant help but think of the conflicts in Eygpt this week between muslims and coptic Christians all in the name of religion.

Kathy said...

I remember when Cotillard won her Oscar and the look on everyone's face was "what?...who?...how?"....I've always thought she had "it".........
As for your lovely little compliment......bravo.......it was sweet and she loved it......k

Caleb S. Garcia said...

You humor me Johnny. Clearly, she was not pissed off by the comment. The only reason she would have been annoyed is if dozens of men complimented her throughout the day. And thats just a chance we have to take- the exchange went well G- lighten up.

Dumbwit Tellher said...

You truly had me chuckling Jg. I honestly think she was flattered, but the female race is much different from the day when we knew how to accept a compliment. I got asked out when I was a barista in San Diego. The gentleman followed me out to my car. He was 81. Oh yeah, I live the wild life I do! It if makes you feel better Marion is divine in every way. I knew what you meant out hearing these actors speak in their native accents. I honestly was shocked to find out Christian Bale was English. How I missed that is still a wonder? You just have exquisite taste my man : )

x Deb

Jg. for FatScribe said...

wow ... overwhelming support for the niceness to continue on. okay then.

update: went to "coffee, the bean" again and ran into my usual barista (and fave) Ms. Erica. she happened to be working with the receiver of said compliments. we three chatted a bit, and finally i told her i wrote a post about those smokey peepers. she laughed and said, "no! it made my day!" and then Ms. Erica chimed in adding, "yeah, you always notice my hair and make those nice comments, John."

so, minor crisis averted (not wanting to be perceived as pervey old, bald dude) and grateful for all of the lovely comments from you all.

i appreciate your collective insight. i guess its true what "they" say about the wisdom of crowds -- especially our blogger crowds. thx!


Shelley said...

Isn't it funny how we do things and then regret them...for really no reason at all? I guess it's from becoming self-conscious?

I was sure she enjoyed the compliment and sure enough she did. I doubt you come across a 'pervy, old bald dude', not if you are being kind. I've met more POBDs than I care to remember - I can spot one miles away...probably even over the internet, but I must admit I've not done so yet. Probably because they don't write very interesting blogs, right?

Barbara said...

Many thanks for your sweet comments on my Rangiroa post, JG. I am a poor writer (no I'm looking for compliments, just stating a fact) and this is a long post to read!