12 June 2011

Back in Black ... Hat Tip to AC/DC

Well, good news and bad/sad news.

Better judgement and depleted cash reserves forced my hand to jump back into the corporate world.  So, with God's help, I've decided to partner with a large consulting group up in San Francisco.  Some of you may have remembered that I was making my way up to San Francisco a few times the past month or so (where I ran, almost literally, into Michael Chabon at SFO) to meet with their CxO for an interview.  After a week of intense training (read, indoctrination), I have seen and gleaned that this corporate culture will be VERY metrics-based, micro-managed, and looking for one thing: viz., can you close a large deal.  I've got nothing to lose and everything to gain, so we have agreed to take this business relationship on a test drive.  I'll be reaching out to many (many) large Fortune 500 type companies (some that I've closed large seven-figure deals with) within the next 90 days to see how my new company (and bosses ... sounds weird after two years with none) might be able to help them.  Btw, this new company is THE leader in like a dozen or so sectors, and have the reputation for sipping their own champagne.  Yes, their accolades are deserved, but this will be a challenging new venture.  But, one that has benefits (I've been hiding the teeth of a hobo the last two years) and a nice (very nice) salary.  So, although I might be back in the black in terms of a paycheck, I'm still very much in debt with law school loans and several things are requiring a large wealth-creating event in my life.  But, I'm trusting (always!) that hard work and a perspective change by yours truly will be rewarded and that God will bless, Dear Reader!

To square-up the circle regarding my company that I started with my business partner two years back, it is now up to 35 clients, and we met a few months ago with the top entertainment attorney in the country in our space.  He asked us to consider pushing our clients over to him and we have to work out the details.  Keep you in the loop on how that goes.  I met two weeks ago with a very senior editor at one of Hollywood's top two publications in America who asked permission to interview me for an article about what we do and about who our representative clients are.  If I told you the folks we signed, you would instantly recognize them, they've sold hundreds of millions of records.  Anyway, not sure about the interview.  I'm definitely trying to keep my head below the radar, but, oh, I dunno.  Maybe it's time I just go for it.

Our main issue in the business was securing the millions we needed to hire 15 or so others (mostly attorney types) to sign yet more top-selling artists per our business plan.  So, after meeting with three (3), count 'em three billionaires with hat in hand and business plan at-the-ready, we found out that Congress was about to change the law (we hope!) in our favor.  Bottom line?  When investors see a change brewing in the law regarding a business they might plunk down $5 million - $7 million for, well, they like a bit of additional due diligence time.  Which is where we're at ... and I can't afford to wait.  Time to move on.  I think it will all work out though.  Btw, above is a pic from the private SoHo House in the building of one of our bigger clients.  Dig this place in the UK (by reputation), and now we anglophiles have another place above our pay-grade here in L.A. as well.  ;)

So, Friday.  I'm at SFO again, heading back to L.A., and in walking next to me to catch my flight at gate 69 at United was James Cameron (Avatar, Titanic).  He was with a woman I didn't recognize, and I was surprised he was hopping on a United Airlines flight.  (I guess even an almost-billionaire rides commercial!)  Aboard the plane, I worked on a script that I dropped for almost two months as life crashed-in around me, and really found it so refreshing to write because I love the story I'm working, and where these characters are going.  I will finish this before summer ends.  Btw, the last two weeks my son has been in baseball playoffs.  One of his teammate's grandfather always attended the games as well (we'd known each other for a few years), and he and I would constantly talk about the business.  He was a President at Paramount for like 20 years, and a legend with a star on the walk of fame.  He's retired and a really old-school cat with people asking (and paying) him for advice.  Made watching (sometimes) boring baseball much more fun to watch.  He asked me to consider raising some money for a vanity project of his.  Not sure if that'll work out presently b/c one too many irons are definitely in the fire.  Gotta focus on my new position and see how this goes.  But, nice to be asked, you know?

Anyway, Father's Day is coming up, so I'm posting tomorrow my LuxeMont article for suggested purchases for the old man in your kid's life.  (Don't judge me if they come across as very aspirational!  LuxeMont and JustLuxe is very high-end afterall.)

Have a great week, y'all ...


Barbara said...

I wish you great luck with your new corporate experience, JG!
You've got a lot of irons in the fire right now. Certainly a couple will produce great dividends in the long run. One has to always think both short term and long term.

Betty Ming Liu said...

good luck on this new direction! sounds like you'll get to wear a lot of nice suits. hopefully, you'll also meet some smart, compatible suits to work with.

btw, i hope you don't mind me commenting on the interview opportunity. proceed with caution -- only do it if it will help your marketing strategy. otherwise, you might end up talking about stuff that won't help you professionally (although, i'm sure it'll make for an interesting read). can't wait to hear more!

Karena said...

Exciting new and lots of interesting things going on in your life!!

Art by Karena

I have an amazing Giveaway from the Artisans at Novica. You will love it!

Lou said...

Wow a real job and a salary... can't recall what THAT's like and I have the holy (may be hole-y) knickers and darned sox to prove it.

Good luck, set the world alight corporate dude.


Julia Christie said...

Dear Jg,

How I have missed you and your stories on life and, well, everything!
This is all such good news for you, I am so wanting all that is good to come your way! Congrats on the new job - I think you have so many positives going for you right now, there will be huge success looming soon!

I wish you a very very Happy Father's Day and congratulate you on never losing focus of those beautiful boys, keeping up with their games and important events, being in fact a balanced man, which is so admirable! You know they will always appreciate you for being a world class Papa!

Smiles and I celebrate you on your special day and for all of the wonderful things buzzing in your world just now!

preppyplayer said...

You had me at Hobo teeth!!
Good luck in all your endeavors and I hope you have a fab father's day :)

christian soldier said...

irons in the fire is right!-

Great news for you-
great success with all of them (irons in the fire :-)

Barbara said...

Happy Father's Day!

Caleb S. Garcia said...

I got your "remuneration" right here! Great post Johnny G. What a wonderful composition, what a wonderful life.

So this explains why haven't returned my calls - you've been a busy bee, you got a world to rule.

I'm very excited and happy for you G-man. Lots of great things happening and doors opening. Remember the little people (aka me) when you make it to the top.

So you've "been hiding the teeth of a hobo"-- is that like a metaphor?

Ruben Rivera said...

Survive, adapt, and hopefully thrive, that's the way of things. I wish you all the best in your new venture.

Shelley said...

My fingers are crossed that it all goes your way.

My Dog-Eared Pages said...

Sounds like you have so much cooking and new gig will be demanding. Go for all of it... I'm sorry I missed wishing you a Happy Father's Day!! ; )

Emm said...

Good luck in your new venture JG! It is a bittersweet experience moving back to employment after being self-employed, isn't it? In my case, my old boss had noticed me fliundering and had been unable to find a suitable replacement for me and he enticed me back after 8 months by offering me 2x my leaving salary. It was an offer I couldn't (and didn't) refuse!