20 August 2012

Time Flies ... When You're Gone

I'm sure you know the feeling, Dear Reader.  You and I have had the fleeting thought of just chucking it all in; you know, mashing that button (as they say in the South), the one that deletes our blog.  It's sort of like when you're standing on the edge of a building and looking over the side and we think to ourselves, "What must that be like?"

Well, I for one decided that I didn't want to find out what that would be like, viz., to eliminate the ole porkster.  (I posted about this inclination some two years ago -- i know, such an atavistic impulse!)

And, I have been so delighted to see that so many of my (our) blogging friends are still thriving and posting great stories!  That you all have the same (or much-improved) websites with the same great voice and content.  So, nice to keep my finger on the pulse of the blogosphere vicariously through your amazing websites.  And, it meant so much to have friends check-in via Facebook and email (like Deb -- wonderful Deb on another continent! -- Susan, Emm Doc, Betty, Char, Barbara, Preppy, Madeleine (my coffee clutch chum on Abbott Kinney!) Carol, Karena, Kathy, Julia, Shelley, Lou, Sandy, Ms. Divine, Julie, and Caleb -- and others who shall remain nameless but nonetheless appreciated).

Anyhoo ... after a long vacation (not!) of starting another Internet company (or two) and winding down one business that didn't quite pan-out, and finally starting a consulting group with three amazingly talented much-smarter-than-yours-truly individuals, I'm back.  Well at least for an occasional polemical word here at FatScribe.  And, I think (99% sure) I'll follow-up on/complete my creative writing website called:

I'll be transferring the fictional stories over to InkandMoss.com to best assist me as I seek publication of some of these stories more formally.  I am really looking forward to (and am energized) by the thought of writing creatively over at Ink&Moss and then commentating on FatScribe or just posting to re-tell my lame personal stories -- even if just for my kids' sake.  Seems like I'm always allowing nostalgia to creep in here, for which I am loads sorry for the sappy and saccharine nature of some of these posts, Dear Reader.

Anyhoo (that's two anyhoo's in one post -- must be the rust!), glad to be back ... in the pink and in the ink (and Moss)!


Doc said...

ok bigshot, welcome back. you were missed.

preppyplayer said...

Welcome back! I kept your blog on my blog roll in hope...

Caleb S. Garcia said...

Sweet. Nice to see you back in action. I look forward to Ink and Moss!