02 April 2013

Jacob Collier ... In a land of wannabes, the real genius appears.

What can i say?

This kid will make your day.  My favorite of his posts on YouTube is "The Road not Taken," words by Robert Frost.

Very fun distraction on a day/year/era of tough times.

Makes me happy to see this sort of genius so joyously performed.

Thanks, Jacob Collier!


Dumbwit Tellher said...

Genius is true! What a voice; Jacob's ability to harmonize and his vocal range ..wow! If I were banned to a desolate corner of Scotland, I couldn't survive without music. Jg, thinking about you and hoping with this new spring, it brings you pure imagination. I often have to count to 3 and dream, after-all where would we be without our hope? I hope you and your sons had a blessed Easter? Religion is dying here and it's heartbreaking. I feel the old creeping in. So much I loved of life is slipping away. We celebrated Easter in a Cathedral built in 1440. You feel God in every stone. A great feeling, especially on Easter. Take care of yourself.

Cheers to you from cold but sunny Scotland x

Caleb S. Garcia said...

Very talented. It takes a lot of skill to plan a performance like that.