01 May 2013

Keep Calm and Carry ... Out Intellectual Property Thievery

I absolutely appreciated this charming story about the wave of support and admiration for this very British idiom.  Is enchanted too strong a term?  For an Anglophile such as myself, probably not.

Here's the LATimes.com link that explicates the ugly side of the story.  One always has the yin with the yang, the bitter punching the sweet I guess.  Without the conflict where's the tension that exists in any truly great story?

Click on the YouTube vid above to watch a rather remarkable yarn about the intersecting of happenstance and history.  I thought so at any rate.  I think you will also.

Cheers ... and carry on, Dear Reader.


Caleb S. Garcia said...


Nice post Johnny G. I was wondering about the origin of the phrase.

Dumbwit Tellher said...

I'm with Stewart & Mary with hopes Mr. Coop is not allowed to monopolise this iconic message. It truly is as though a voice of the past has spoken; soothing like chicken soup for us Yanks or a 'cuppa' for the Brits. It was terrific to learn it's history and a peek inside the Barter's bookstore. If I could own a tea room/coffee shop, I'd like to duplicate theirs; the fireplace, a must! Now if I could learn to abide by that great message. Perhaps i need more tea? Thanks for the great post as always Jg.

Cheers ~ Deb