06 February 2014

always buy belts when they're on sale ...

$3.99 for a fine leather belt is a pretty good deal, especially when one considers the belt originally fetched $59.00 at my local Banana Republic in Malibu. When one comes across such a sale, as i did today, one would be a certifiable, interminable and insufferable fool not to jump at such an opportunity as one does not come across such moments of transactional thievery unless serendipity herself deigned deliver us the chance.

there is an immutable, irrefutable fact of life that the universe ebbs and flows at various times in our lives, bringing in all sundry of flotsam and jetsam of which to steer clear or embrace; occasionally, the tide rolls out leaving behind beached opportunities that striking at like a pitted viper is de regueur.  daily we find ourselves perched on the horns of our quotidian dilemma staring at us in our collective face, Dear Reader:  sometimes the once-in-a-lifetime fire sale is a chance to date the most beautiful girl in school.  other times it's the choices we face for an affordable college experience for our kids.  should we have put a portion of our paycheck into that 401-K 20 years back when we first started working?  does walking 4 times a week really impact my health?

to this day i have regrets about a cashmere scarf i purchased in New Orleans at a television producer's conference (NATPE, pronounced "napte" ... don't ask me why) where i was pitching an animated project my partners and i had invested in (which included my then in-laws!).  my regret?  not buying 5 of these scarfs (they were on sale for $9.99, a full $100.00 off) when i could have.  imagine how great the regret i have for the real decisions i fumbled in my life! i would embarrass myself to no end and bore you to tears, Dear Reader, should i enumerate that rather exhaustive and indelible list.  but, here's the truncated, top three on the list:  (1) going to law school with loans (2) my divorce, and (3) not risking all to pursue a writing career. somehow, i'm sure that list is related, intertwined emotionally in a knotty unspoken way.  good gawd that was a rather gauche list gushing way too much sentiment and seriousness, which i regret already (damn my regretting my regret!). do forgive me, won't you? 

je regrette, Dear Reader?  do they fall somewhere in between a $3 belt, a $9 scarf and a costly divorce in every sense (where our hero/victim/villain still dreams about his ex)?  if so, share with us down below, won't you?

for my next post, i promise i'll share with you the way I loooove how in certain British film men and women go around telling complete strangers that they have decided that they and said stranger are soon to become complete and utter best friends. i've seen it several times, and i like it very much each time.


Dumbwit Tellher said...

Oh there has been so much ebbing and flowing. Are there people that don't experience the high tide or are they the ones that don't wear their lives on their sleeves and we are to never know? My list of regrets are too many and any dreams of the 'ex' are nightmares. Would we be who we are today without the flotsam? I worry that part of that shipwreck never leaves me and holds me back today. I feel that by the time God decides I am to leave this world I will argue that I cannot. I will have just begun to figure it all out. Now I am off to find a bargain and I look forward to that next post. I am intrigued as always. SO great to see you post. I've missed you my friend.

Caleb S. Garcia said...

Beautifully written, you're a creative genius and a better director than Clooney.

Jg. for FatScribe said...

My dearest Deb -- ALWAYS great to see your smiling face. I am sooo living through your adventures, borrowing your many UK experiences and savoring them all. Keep up the great work, and someday we will have that coffee!

Caleb -- You. Da. Man. Seriously. ;)