25 September 2015

Chanel, Uber, the Pope himself and St. Patrick's Cathedral Facelift

Wasn't terrifically thrilled with the Pope's coming to America (where's Eddie Murphy when you need him?) and lecturing Congress on all things Pope-centric.  But, I'll give him that he means well and his visit is good for the young folks in the Catholic church to get some revival going, Lord willing. Now, I'm praying and predicting that his pontiffness will realize the 1,000 year error of their ways and allow the priesthood to once again marry (please, God). Imagine a millennia of blue balls. Man, sake's alive!

Above is a wonderfully insightful weekly vid-recap from the amazingly prescient folks at L2. Many of you know that I launched a high-end aspirational website years ago called LuxeMont (JustLuxe.com) just a few years out of law school.  The idea of JustLuxe.com was to ultimately act as a placeholder for some luxury holding company to come along and fill it with the wares of their many companies (think Richemont or LVMH, et. al.).  I've since started 2 or 3 companies and pray and wish my brothers well in their/our endeavor to transition JustLuxe.com into someone else's capable hands.

So, L2 ... highly recommended to you, which is why I've slapped ole Prof. Scott Galloway's visage atop FatScribe.  These guys are entertaining, quite fun, and full of pith (and vinegar).

Have a great weekend all.


Mandy Southgate said...

I love your new header! Lovely design.

I must say, the Pope did a heck of a lot of telling people what to do, didn't he??

Jg. for FatScribe said...

Mandy (er, Ms. Emm!) -- So so so delighted to have you stop by and make a comment or two. I looked up Mr. Tokyo after your comment (on the Nice guys not meant to be President piece) and was very impressed with him/his lifestory. very interesting.

So (another "so"), I left comment(s) over at one of your many blogs/websites, and couldn't find them (I must be doing something wrong -- sorry about that). Always enjoy the int'l flavor of our conversations, especially your tours of the UK!

Be well, and thx for the comments on the header/design! ;)