22 September 2015

Nice guys not always meant to be President

Was invited by one of my besty fave clients to a little soiree and fund raiser just down the road from where Joe Biden was also pressing the flesh.  After a day/week of conservative policy wonks running around SoCal fighting for the same meetings and limited resources, the focus and locus now shifts to New Hampshire and climes eastward and other deep pockets.

I will say, I've met several presidential candidates and sitting Supreme Court Justices and Attorneys General and Governors and loads of policy types in between over the years, during and since law school, and few are as nice and down-to-earth as Mike Huckabee and his wife. True delight to make his acquaintance, and as usual, many friends in common.

Like I said, nice guys and excellent pols and eloquent conservatives are not always meant to be president of these united states.  Which is too bad, but part of the facts of life inside the Beltway.  Joe Biden is another nice guy, a lefty nice guy who plays hardball. Let's hope he's another nice guy who isn't meant to be president.  ;)


Sandy K. said...

After reading this post I am wondering how to bring humanism alive again. I am so tired of the media blast, and the bashing and posturing...never knowing what to believe. While traveling this summer I had the opportunity to speak with a number of people who were visiting the U.S, and to discuss public perception. For instance, a Canadian couple I chatted with (in a laundromat- great place for meeting people) think we would do well to adopt their own political policy of the "one month campaign." By law, each candidate has one month to educate the public on their philosophy/strategy, then the election is held.

Other trivia I picked up, from the same couple, is that U.S. signage is superior to Canada's. They love to travel the U.S. because they can always find a site to visit, a historical or interesting location to spend time in. "George" says he knows more about the States than he does about his own country. In Canada there are little or no sites to see, unless you know where you want to go. Destination travel with little serendipity. I can't imagine travel with no chance for the unexpected find!

Mandy Southgate said...

Oooh I've never met a presidential candidate before. The closest I've come is an intimate meeting with Tokyo Sexwale sometime between 1991-1994. He was brilliant. We were sad when he left politics and went into business.