06 January 2017

Garden and Gun ... Excellent website

Had to share this today because of the amazing jealousy I have regarding this fantastically (seemingly) well run, designed, and branded website over at www.GardenAndGun.com.  They cover food, sport, travel, and well, the South.  First noticed their physical magazine at my local Barnes and Noble in Westlake Village (where Patrick Warburton was browsing magazines next to yours truly).

As one who has branded, published and helped to publish dozens of websites since 1995, I just adore a website with a wonderful voice, unique differentiated culture, and a bit of whimsy for all things Southern.  I lived in Virginia during grad and law school, and had I stayed I'd most likely still be married (at least according to my ex 4 years after we divorced)!  Perhaps that's why sepia tinted filters cover my memories like so much kudzu in an abandoned antebellum manse? Pro'ly.

I wish these cats at Garden&Gun Godspeed on their endeavors.  Pay them a visit and see for yourself. 

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WomanHonorThyself said...

Have a blessed inaugural weekend my friend! hugsss!!