05 December 2018

From the School of Old ... in the Key of Trad Dad

Trad Dad FatScribe Tweets into the Ether About Millennials
I'm old school.

I don't think cops should be ambushed.  Or shot at ... let alone shouted at.  Or even refused service at fast-food joints with a barista or hair-netted marionette whose strings reach all the way back to some email pushing talking points from progressives, or some intersectional obsessed young upstart who has not clue one regarding what IRL real life is all about, in any way, shape or form. I'm so old school, I think cops should be called officers.  In my old neighborhood in SoCentral where my two boys and I lived for almost 8 yrs, we'd wave at every single LA firetruck (Station 66 was a mere 2 blocks over) and every single police car and their officers who, thank goodness, drove through our narrow streets near Hyde Park off Slauson.  LAPD and LA Sheriff's alike were welcomed sights for sore eyes.

I'm old school, like I said.

Even though I'm not, really that old, not like Boomer old. I'm Gen-X (okay, that's old enough) old, which is typically liberal/moderate leaning, but I am decidedly and definitely worldview old, like a good classical liberal should be. I believe that sex, sexual innuendos, and crass talk are inapprops for the workplace. Totes inapprops (thanks Paul Rudd for that introduction into vapid vernacular of modern comedic cinema).  It breeds contempt, the crassness, not the comedy.  Those who accommodate such behavior, make allowance for it that is, or who engage in such conduct become inured to the idea of "boundaries."  If there was ONE thing I learned from my divorce, it is that boundaries ("you do you & Ima do me") are important in all walks of life, even when talking shite at work.  If it's after work, off-hours, at the local watering hole, say whatever you want to whomever you want. A co-worker who may be in your vicinity can leave that joint if you're acting the fool, being out of line -- he or she or they can simply walk away. But a co-worker cannot or should not have to leave their work place because of your proclivity for inappropriate conduct.  See the diff?  Making my trad dad point?  (I'm feedin' ya pearls, here.)

Yeah, I'm old school that way.

I respect my friends who may be third-wave feminists or progressives who believe in breaking barriers, but please try and remind your friends that some of us in turn may be old school first-wave classical liberals who believe in standards, standard-bearers (formerly called gentlemen), and Ed Ruscha's "Standard Gas Station," but I don't need to get sneered-at if I happen to be in front of you and hold a door (God forbid -- yeah, I said God).  Oh, and don't think you'll be adjudged poorly if you offer a polite thank you to the schlub who may hold a door open for you someday. Just the other day I was having steaks with a law school bud in Manhattan Beach and waited for a beat to hold the door open for Kurt Rambis (all 6'7" of his maleness) who politely said "thank you" and we both met our parties waiting for us. It's called a societal courtesy, and they're a good thing (as my gal Martha Stewart is fond of saying), whether said courtesy is offered to a male or female, and we all could use more of that in our lives.

I'm old school in my schooling, too.

I believed and believe that university was/is for iron to sharpen iron. That newly-minted young adults go in to the halls of academe to learn to hit deadlines; learn the beginnings of a profession; and are warmly shown how to think critically by taskmasters who are tasked with inculcating young minds with knowledge of life & profession, throw in some wisdom, sure why not, but not ideology.  Our Gen Next sons and daughters in this current class of higher learning with accompanying high six-figure price tags should not to be brainwashed by a hegemonic structure of progressive pabulum that completely shuts down a critical word, a different approach, or a traditional worldview to the "issues of the day."  The traditional approach to university life seemingly worked for a century or two prior produced the greatest progenitors of powerful global reaching companies ... and now college life is about subjective social justice warriors ready with their doctrinaire answers desiring to work in high-paying Silicon Valley.

Yup, old school like that.


Shelley said...

Hi Jg - Just found your comment from Sep 2017 (talk about late to the party). No idea how I 'lost' my comments. The last one I knew was in Oct 2016 and I thought something had changed on Blogger but I couldn't figure out how to fix it (yes, it was a big lonesome). Anyhow, I'm enjoying reading through them now, it's like finding a box of misplaced letters.

Me, I'm old-fashioned too. I worry about the stories I read about the privitised police forces but would never not be respectful of an officer. I've only ever been to a peaceful demonstration (about leaving the EU, I want to remain). Too big a chicken to be involved in anything more radical. I hope I always manage to keep the good manners my Mom taught me, but I am sometimes known as that American woman who says the un-sayable thing everyone else is thinking. At 62 I am happy being 'invisible' and think I may be safe from sexual harrassment; I can't be sad about that. I remember being rather confused about the 'rules' here in Britain where work mates routinely go out for drinks after work. I thought that looked like trouble waiting to happen. I went out with the girls occasionally and was careful to mind my Ps and Qs at the Christmas do. I know I was odd, thinking that you do work at work and socialise elsewhere. Be friendly, yes, but mainly as a means of building a team the runs smoothly. I guess I, too, am quite old-fashioned. Hope this finds you well.

Jg. for FatScribe said...

What an absolute delight, Ms. Shells, to hear from you (My Okie mate by way of Blighty!) ... and I'm glad that you were able to solve your comment conundrum!

You caught me on a rather terse/trenchant tirade about being "old school" -- actually there are about 10 - 15 articles waiting for me to "post" here on FatScribe, but for PLENTY of reasons I declined or delayed actually hitting the publish button.

Re: your insightful comments on the workplace appropriateness for an expat Yank, I'd say your decision to hold the tongue at the workplace Christmas do was wise, but your willingness to let your American "freakflag" fly with your friends is spot-on. It's bleedin' proper. (hope I said that right ... as a wanton Anglophile, I delight in throwing out jargon I rarely get to use)

Best Christmas and New Year's wishes to you and hubby, Shelley!