11 December 2009

l.a. rain


standing outside your car, maxwell playing on the stereo, doors open, arms up, and rain on your long eyelashes. sumthin' sumthin' lashes reaching touching


sorry is not your word, moving on is your world, not looking back, save for that once upon a time story i see in your eyes. something of what could have


still see you, still see us, at the museo de espana, arms up, dancing those sevillanas, around a forgotten reflection in the plaza pool. listening to

sam cooke.


Dumbwit Tellher said...
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Dumbwit Tellher said...

Love Sam Cooke = When a Boy Falls in Love; Cupid; Sad Mood, & I'll Come Running Back to You!!

Wonderful weekend too JG - "A Change is Gonna Come; Sugar Dumpling"!!

P.S. - you do know that Tom Ford is gay right? How can he look so fine for being born in 1961?!! Sorry for the delete, can't spell today.

Dumbwit Tellher said...

Sorry for the TF question. I think a person would have to live under a rock to have not known & I had a great hunch that person was not you. Don't you think most woman want what they can't have anyway? Adds to his good looks, fabulous style & now his directorial talents too. *sigh*

FatScribe said...

I actually had a conversation the other day with a young fashionista hottie (20-something) who told me that she believed Marc Jacobs was straight. Ahem, err, sorry charlie, I told her in my best Tom Ford inspired insouciance, let's tap on your iphone and check what Wikipedia has to say about that ... and over the din of a downtown l.a. chic eatery, we discovered even more cool things about the gay hegemony ubiquitous in men's fashion.

Sandy K. said...

I am apparently not of your world:). I'm reading this conversation, knowing I'm missing something. I do love the way you expressed your sentiments in the original post, as well as the accompanying photo. You're a deep one, I think, and pitty the woman who is not wise enough to want to know more. This is an interesting world we live in, and we should enjoy exploring it visually, physically, and through language.

FatScribe said...

SK -- always a delight when you come into the weborhood. Deb (at her uber-hip website) was commenting on Tom Ford's new movie, and I chimed in from my very hetero perspective! ;)

Alexandra said...

Ooh this is great. not familiar with sam cooke (age issue?) but I love the imagery this conjures of good ol espana.