29 October 2010

It's not business ... it's biznasty.

Yikes.  Egads.  And substitute any other self-vituperations you typically use or can think of here in this space.  (One of my six brother's wont in such circumstances finds him using a rather nasty "eff" (word) followed by "me" which I'll only reference as to illustrate how truly bad I feel about not posting for over six month's time here on the ole porkster.)

I have been ... remiss.  (trying to conquer the world!)

I have been ... distracted.  (trying to write new screenplays and land a new job and start a new company!)

I have been ... exhausted. (from all of the above.)

One could safely say that I've been otherwise preoccupied creating a new business that saw me traveling throughout the U.S. signing some of the truly legendary music icons of the 1950s and 1960s to my new company.  I have also been traveling throughout the U.S. pitching a new company to a half-dozen VERY well-healed individuals or business groups (read, investors), one of whom owns a major sports franchise that almost made the World Series.  Other groups include two billionaires.  It has been heady times and frustrating days ... and wearisome seconds of seeking those investment funds and new clients and ... get this: trying to prove-up the viability of this new company.  Talking to VCs and angel investors and business and investor groups comprising both the former and the latter takes literally 10x the effort of simply signing new clients.  Exhausting.

I wish (I really do wish, Dear Reader) that I could tell you about this amazing opportunity with specificity that my partner and I have been trying to get off the ground.  It could be a HUGE success (with literally business magazine and newspaper/Calendar headlines), or simply and horrifically and with finality crash and burn into a serious conflagration of wasted time and effort and monies (other people's mostly) and disappointment for us and our clients.

Wow.  Can't believe I just wrote/admitted that.  But, it's true.  True for all new businesses or relationships or things worth herculean efforts.  We must risk to become a or have true success in this world -- the two usually go hand in hand, no?

I'll tell you more about this business (thinly veiled, though it must be) over the next week or two.  We have raised money from two non-equity sources, but only enough to cover expenses the last 12 months, and now we find ourselves on the cusp of ... success and/or failure (yes, both are possible).  Crucial times.  Heady times.  And, knowing the many, many businesses and websites and novels and screenplays that you all have been engaged in, I know you know of which I speak (whine, complain, vent).

Just thought I'd share ... mea culpa for my absence.  And, as always, thank you for your slightest interest.  I truly don't know how you all juggle and multi-task your lives.  I've much to learn.