05 October 2023

Unspoken word

an abruptly ended conversation, and a turned back reacts to leave the room

a mouth half-opens, a hand half-gestures and the weight of it all mutes both

the weight of it all. maladroit stabs at probing questions of another's interests

how is school, your mother, the long unfinished script ... your health?

loaded. loaded to bear ... fangs. assumptions. regret. projections.


inertia holds him back. too late. too little, too. damn inertia.

time. too much time. not enough time. has passed. is left.

pride. weighty pride.

the imagined response. the dread of rejection or ... silence.

being replaced. recycled. wrecked.

the unspoken word, a penumbra of projection. 

a prideful regret of something yet to pass.

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