10 January 2011

Let's NOT Politicize Murder

Every fiber in my being (an overused phrase if there ever was one) wants to shout out in anger over the attempted assassination of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords. I have a personal response that I'll share with you Re: situations such as these: I never use the perpetrator's name. I give no satisfaction of limelight or infamy or notoriety to fools who seek attention by destroying others. I wish the media would follow suit and simply report on the event and victims and the arrest and eventual trial and execution of these maladjusted types. Instead, we will sit vigil for several news cycles as the media hordes and whores (you know the usual suspects of whom I speak) begin their preternatural muck-wallowing journalism, where they will roll around on their backs on top of the most putrid aspects of this story, like a dog would a carcass sniffed out in the backyard, all in the name of ratings.

I also was/am disgusted by media pundits (with political axes to grind) who seek to imply or impute political motives to this tragedy vis-a-vis certain political camps not of their liking. I found the following Taranto article to be thoughtful, informative and a sobering reminder of what happens when certain politicos and literati are confronted by the unsavory reality of the evil that lurks amongst us.

Click here for the --> JAMES TARANTO Piece in Wall St. Journal

We are all hurting when tragedies like the one in Arizona occur. We become distrusting, or nervous, or worst of all, inured to these sorts of tragedies. I go to a rather large church in Los Angeles, and there are times after I've dropped my kids off at their Sunday school classes, that I look around and wonder, "what would we do if a nutter walked onto our campus?" James Taranto's piece in the Wall Street Journal is worth a read if, like me, you find yourself dismayed by blubbering simpletons seeking to assign blame for this tragedy to their political enemies.

Each morning, I read several English papers (Telegraph, Globe and Mail [Canadian, actually], The Times) to whet my Anglophile appetite. Yet, all three of these fine papers were guilty of attributing, within mere hours, political motives for this tragedy across the pond or to the south. The evening of the tragedy, each had above the fold articles or opinion pieces wondering about, intimating or attributing a supposed motive to the shooting. Too soon? Yes, way too soon; they didn't have anything resembling the full facts of the situation. Nor do we still, IMHO. Bottom line, we need to support our friends in Arizona as they deal with this horrible situation, and send them our prayers and thoughts and well-wishes.

UPDATE: From Steve Kornacki, the News Editor at Salon.com (no conservative rag, she):
Article linked here: Salon.com
Headline: "Americans Get It: It's Just a Horrible Coincidence"
"CBS News is out with a new poll today that finds Americans strongly rejecting the notion that the political climate played a role in Saturday's attempted assassination of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords.
Fifty-seven percent of respondents say that the nation's "harsh political tone" didn't have anything to do with the shooting rampage, compared with 32 percent who say it did play a role. Not surprisingly, Republicans are more unified in denying any linkage (a 69 to 19 percent margin), but even a plurality of Democrats -- 49 percent -- agree that there was no connection. Among independents, the spread is 56 to 33."



Toad said...

well said. Asking editors to edit may be too much to expect.

Chris Hansen said...

Sad but true, J. I'm very frustrated by the response to this tragedy.

Caleb S. Garcia said...

We may have a difference of opinion here. You don't want to use the murderer's name, but this argument seems emotional. There's nothing wrong with reporting the news, its just information and knowledge should be open to the public as much as possible.

Jg. for FatScribe said...

Toad -- Appreciate your kind words.

Chris -- Thanks for visiting the ole porkster. You got time to read a recent script?

Caleb -- Always appreciate a difference of opinion, and yours is always warmly welcomed here. However, do you disagree with my finding disgusting the names of all those ill-inspired sons of bitches that we all know too well who have committed such similar acts? (insert here name of some wackjob that has killed or attempted to kill a president, celebrity, ad infinitum.) no platform for their madness will be found here, informative or otherwise.

Caleb S. Garcia said...

I agree that they are disgusting. I just don't think the media should be blamed.

Jg. for FatScribe said...

Caleb -- not be too much of a pedant, but you've missed my entire point (though, I did respond to your initial comment). my point of the post was that the media (well, to be fair, certain media) are jumping to conclusions about the motivations of this nutter. THAT is not up for debate ... as TOAD pointed out, editors (those worth their salt) are paid to ensure these sort of knee-jerk reactions are pruned before they can bud into an ugly bloom of media/reporter/news organization bias.

Caleb S. Garcia said...

Ok, I understand. Thanks for clearing that up.

christian soldier said...

one example of premeditated finger pointing-
military is on JN's (DHLS) list of potential 'terrorist' - so- MSM- states that perp is military-one the first statements by same---(MSM)
NO-No way- the perp tried to be - didn't pass the urine test---
(wonder why) SARC my bad!!
my guess- the trial will drag on and on and on..our taxpayer $$$$ wasted ...
Great post !!!

christian soldier said...

PS-always enjoyed the view of the Pacific Ocean from the Getty Villa (photo bottom right-this post)...
I will have an house that will overlook some large body of water...so I can paint and photograph and simply enjoy sunrises and sunsets...

stephaniemigdol said...

No matter the motive of this nutbag, I wish the political rhetoric would stop.

Chris Hansen said...

For you, JG - of course!

Char said...

no matter the politics, the shootings are tragic and my heart goes out to the families.

Dumbwit Tellher said...

No longer the days of Walter Cronkite. I am sickened over the battle of over-diagnosing; the left said this & the right replied. Our focus should be on how we can prevent this from happening again & helping those whose lives are forever changed.

Gone are the days of, "and that's the way it is".

Great post Jg x

Barbara said...

I've always liked James Taranto, haven't you? (how can you bear to read those British rags, J.G.? Course most of ours are rags too. What the hell is left?)

What a tragedy. And that's exactly what this is: a tragedy. NOT an opportunity.
A crazy man who didn't even vote. My heart breaks for the victims and their families.

The media aftermath is all so over the top and asinine I can barely stand to turn on the TV or radio in the car.