18 June 2011

Father's Day 2011

Father’s Day 2011

Every Father’s Day, we dads go through a tortured exercise of cognitive dissonance.  On the one hand we love that our impressive brood have thought enough of dear old dad to point chubby little fingers at some object, like say a rep tie or a talking/singing 5-pound bass mounted on a plaque for mom to buy for us.  Outstanding!  Well done wee little one.  The dread comes when adding said sweater or socks or cravat to our rather substantial and growing (each June!) collection.

Submitted for your approval, a proposed moratorium on the “point and purchase” routine on behalf of all conflicted dads for Father’s Day.  What follows then is a list of several objects of desire, and a few everyday (totally preapproved as cool) knickknacks that will make your old man’s day come Sunday.

Peddles Make the Man (lose his gut) – eBike by Kalkhoff

Want to do something about that growing girth?  Want to join the ranks of the green movement?  This eBike will help you do both in comfort and style.  The Kalkhoff Pro Connect, built for stability with suspension forks up front and a slightly longish wheelbase, will help dad rock his summer suit in comfort whilst peddling from home to office with as little stress as possible.  Riders are offered 50 to 200 percent peddle-assist thanks to a 300-watt motor.  And with 27 gear combinations, the old man will be able to tackle even the steepest of climbs with butt firmly planted in the saddle (no need to stand up and sweat those streets of San Francisco!).  Dad will love this eBike with its onboard computer, speedometer, and LCD display, not to mention headlights and taillights and very generous battery life.  He might even wear the tie the kids gave him last year on its inaugural ride.

Headphones to Soothe the Beasty Austin to LAX Commute

When our iPhone earbuds finally wear down (after the cat has chewed on them, and the kids have borrowed them for the 100th time) it’s time for an upgrade.  And, if you’re looking for a gift we’ll appreciate immediately, then here are two price-points for our listening pleasure:
·         Klipsch Image S4

The Klipsch is a terrifically priced alternative to what we really want, the Bose Comfort 3 headphones (more on them in just a sec).  They can be found at Amazon for $79, and they sound great.  Truly.  Silver and black, they come packaged in a Altoid-like silver tin, and are one of CNET’s Editor’s Choices for this category.  Can’t go wrong here.

·         Bose Quiet Comfort 3
The latest iteration of this line of best-in-class headphones from Bose works on so many levels.  They are not cheap at $349 to be sure, but they are noise-cancelling, sound great, and if we amortize the $1 headphone rental from United Airlines, by the time we’re 75 we’ll have paid for them.  The headphones fit the contour of the ear, and the cord can be unplugged so that we can use them as a standalone noise reduction without music. 

It’s retro, loud and goes fast!
·         Triumph Scrambler

Okay, okay, this one is not your everyday Father’s Day gift.  But, in every generation, there is an atavistic and very male impulse to ride the hog, throw rooster tails, and take to a cross-country jaunt on a Ducati or Gold Wing.  It all started with Steve McQueen in “The Great Escape” jumping 15 foot high fences and then his brief appearance in “On Any Sunday.”  Dude was cool … and he rode a Triumph.  And now this retro ride is back and we can all be cool for only $8,800. 

The Life of Riley

·         Chukka Desert Boots

You know it when you see it: style.  Am I right?  When a dad rocks a certain elan, people notice, whether he be 27 or 77.  The desert or chukka boot is style incarnate definitely boosts the typical male’s game.  These boots are understated but noticeable.  Men envy the bloke that rocks his chukkas with a casual summer suit with aplomb.  Women notice the man pairing his desert boot with his favorite jeans.  Throw a chambray shirt on with a linen jacket and you’ve got a nice Father’s Day ensemble for church, then afternoon bbq, and maybe even a movie if dad can keep from taking his siesta.

What time is it?  Oh, let me check my watch ...

·         Bremont Chronograph

These days, a man’s watch says as much about him as the car he drives.  But, let’s not go overboard, shall we?  I mean, five figures on a watch?  If you’re going to spend a few thousand on a nice watch, just be sure that you have a son or grandson to leave it to.

The two brothers (Nick and Giles English) that own the watch company Bremont swear they named their watch co. after the gentleman whose field that crash-landed their airplane into (on?).   As someone who has named or branded companies and products, I have to say, that’s a pretty good one.    Maybe even better than LuxeMont.

Happy Father’s Day, y’all.



Anonymous said...

If you own these all, I hate you! I want, I want!

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Happy Fathers Day Jg
Great gift choices you have here... and the right idea for ensuring the sock collection doesn't grow bigger this year.. I wouldn't mind some of these myself.. and I bet Deb wouldn't mind the hog!!

Have a great Fathers Day.. Hope you something from your list turns up on the day... ciao ciao xxx Julie

PS... parcel is on way.. but won't make it for FD...

Julia Christie said...

Happy Father's Day Jg! Well...You aint cheap, but apparently you can be had!:-)
What a great roster of gifts for the distinguished Pater in our lives!

Enjoy and hope you are spoiled by lots of love from you boys!


Shelley said...

Great gift ideas,if you have rich family. Still...a splurge now and then can't hurt too much. Hope you had a great Father's Day.

In New York Paris Tomorrow said...

ah, the work you do and I am a lazy thing, dealing with a feeling.

Your selection is masterful and the sentiment divine.

And, gritting teeth, I still don't get this delivered to my inbox. Where is the sign-up.

A+ selection.

Lou said...

Whoops! Should have read this before purchasing the angle grinder then....

Barbara said...

Gosh, I'm relieved you're not on MY gift list!

Caleb S. Garcia said...

You hit the nail on the head with the Chukka Desert Boots. They are jaw-dropping gorgeous. Sweet pick man, I like your style.

Your opening para is perfection in print too.

Sandy K. said...

Happy Belated Father's Day to the man who has everything - at least in your dreams:). I do understand the "point and shoot" shopping tactics of mom's out there- and having such a well-laid out list would definitely help us a lot! I shall share your list with my husband and we'll see what he'd add/change:) For next year. The gift card for Bob Evans restaurants will have to suffice for this year.

Dumbwit Tellher said...

WoW Jg, you had me at hog heaven. There is something just so very cool about a Triumph and my 'America' was one of my biggest joys. I too blame it on McQueen; I just knew when I got my license it had to be a Triumph. Then you included chukka boots, which are definitely and wonderfully the eptiome of style incarnate. You are one stylish man, and father. One of those dads that the kids are proud to be seen with. I hope your Father's Day was a great one. I suspect if your boys gave you a tie clasp from Sears, you'd cherish it as though it was from Tiffany's.

xx Deb

Karena said...

Love that bike and the desert boots JG!! Great taste you certainly have in spades!!

Art by Karena

Emm said...

Ohhh, what an awesome list! I might use this list for buying Le Husband gifts in future. I especially like the Bose headphones but I'm not likely to buy them for anyone else.