22 January 2013

One Word ...

there it sits.  by its lonesome. 

a single, solitary word on a blank page.  an atoll of black san serif letters against an ocean of indifferent white.

unless it’s a verb. then I suppose it doesn’t just sit there; supposed to show action and all.  so I guess it acts quietly, you know, when it sits alone the one word there on the screen, or on 20 lb stock of acid-free office, or perhaps on millennia-old papyrus scroll … the one word.

the one word.  isolated in its inchoate-ness.  it usually denotes a beginning.  beginnings are good.  but to begin again?  to borrow a phrase from our Brit cousin (the YOB!), “now that’s bleedin’brilliant.”

that’s where we mere mortals, destined for the mortician-- we who are caught up in the whole time/space continuum thing -- have one very amazing and saving grace, even over angelic beings who witness our luck in awestruck wonder …  you and I can always (and I mean always) begin again.

it really is the great catchall in life; well at least in my life, the restart. we can’t get to restoration without the fresh start from scratch, n’est pas?

so what happened last year? were things said?  were promises broken?  were there disappointments,soul-crushing defeats, unexpected setbacks, death, illnesses, spectacularly rotten luck?  did others get blessed and you left out?  somebody go out of their way to screw you over?  dunno, that.  maybe it’s one, more or all of the preceding.  I know my hand was up the entire time.

but, let’s try something, you and I, Dear Reader.  let’s take a deep breath.  seriously, just try this,okay?  deep breath. now hold it!  hold it. now, long exhale.  feel it?  that little moment before your next breath? when you and I involuntarily breathe again?  we can’t help it; we just do.

to me that is the metaphor spot on for our single word on the page.  we should, no matter how many disappointments in our lives, automatically, like the viscera of heart beating and diaphragm contracting, instinctually place the lone and brave first word on the page. 

alone.  by itself.  priming the pump for us, surveying the landscape for the rest of those damned pesky yet beautiful words to join in our atavistic battle … again.


Dumbwit Tellher said...

I'm relieved that when I read your new post that I was alone; those around me may have wondered why I inhaled, held it and then slowly let out the air with my eyes closed. I've been starring at that blank page too and thinking much of the same thoughts JG. The big difference is you express it much..much more perfectly than I. I think too often we forget that there are fresh starts for us all. You just need to believe. I was thrilled to see a new post pop-up on my feed. You've made my day. Here's to beginnings. If the old ones don't work out and press restart!

Happy 2012 JGregg and all my best from snowy, cold Aberdeen.

Dumbwit Tellher said...

always, always read before clicking! You'd think I'd learn.
I had meant "if the old ones don't work out, then press restart". :)

anna cindy meeks said...

You are such a great writer, John. Happy New Years to you and the boys!

Caleb S. Garcia said...

The master is at it again. Bravo good sir, bravo.

katie said...

holding this in like a meal i never want to end...

Barbara said...

Oh J.G., I have missed you!
So many life changes for me as well. I've been taking so many deep breaths, I might pass out.
Here's to resetting, restarting, recharging, looking at things a new way and hoping for a better year.
You do me good....you put it all into beautiful words. Just how I feel.
A toast to you!