10 April 2014

the 4th Hour in the shade of a tree

April No. 10

just stay, at this hour.  let the light stop where it is.
a moment more, and it is changed.
mood, sentiment, breathless hope exhaled.

pull on the razor sharp hands of the clock.  stop time’s train in its narrow gauge.
for when history’s momentum jerks back clanging against this perfect setting,
a hazard’s worth of future turns its gaze back toward us.
with all of his cousins of hurry-ups and urgents, plying us for

our moment.  here. lovely and never to be again.


Christi Jo said...

l o v e l y...

Divine Theatre said...

Anything I have to say seems pitiful in the shadow of your talent.
Suffice it to say I liked it very much.


Jg. for FatScribe said...

Christi Jo -- thank you for your lovely sentiments (always too generous with your old pal)

Andie -- talent? if i had half of your talent i'd be more than satisfied (sated?). thank you for the visit ... and thank you for your comments about Russia as well, old friend.

christian soldier said...

love the poetry and the photo-

Barbara said...

You're right, found you in spam. And if you think I eat all that fattening stuff on my blog, you're way off base. (which you weren't with Putin AND Obama)I give most of it away...or make really small portions. I'm forever on a diet. At my age, not as simple as it used to be.
Pleased you're doing so well on yours. Keep it up and we won't recognize you in your photo.

And I loved your poem. Photos are exactly that...a beautiful moment in time, frozen. When I've been caught someplace without a camera, my daughter points to her head. It's in your memory, Mom. (You'd like her...visit her at www.tracywilliamsltd)

Dumbwit Tellher said...

Your writing has stopped me in my tracks. Beauty, and life's reality. We all need more 'our moments'.

I hope you get yours this weekend!

:) Deb